SMS and Email

Standard Patient Conversations enable you to you send standard email and SMS messages to patients without requiring them to download an app. All emails, SMS messages and calls from a patient to your Spruce Number and/or Email will appear in one unified conversation in your Spruce inbox.

Sending an SMS

When you send a patient an SMS from the Spruce app, it appears on their phone like a regular SMS message. Any inbound SMS messages to your Spruce Number will appear in the Spruce app.

Sending an Email

When you send a patient an email from the Spruce app, it appears in your patient’s preferred mail client. Any emails sent to your Spruce Email will appear in the Spruce app.

How to send an SMS or Email message

  1. Start a new Patient Conversation and select “Standard” from the options
  2. Enter the contact information and name of the patient you’d like to message
  3. Press “Create” (or the check mark on Android) and a new Standard Conversation will be created
  4. Tap “Patient Message” and begin typing your message
  5. Press “Send” to send your message

Switching between SMS & Email

While composing a message in a Standard Conversation, select the icon on the far right and toggle between SMS and email.

Switching Between SMS & Email from Spruce Health on Vimeo.

Don’t see the phone number or email address you’d like to message? On mobile phones, update your patient’s contact information by tapping the three dots in the upper right and select from “View Patient Profile” from the menu, then tap “Edit” in the top right. On the web, click the person icon to the right of the conversation name, then click “Edit”.

Attachments In Standard Conversations

You can send patients photos, videos and PDFs in Standard Conversations by pressing the + button when composing a patient message.

If you’d like to send patients Spruce Visits, Care Plans, or Payment Requests you’ll need to invite your patient to a Secure Conversation. 

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