Using Practice Links to Onboard Patients to Spruce

Practice Links make it easy to invite your patients to download the Spruce app and connect directly with your practice.

Each Practice Link is unique and follows the format of

Claim your Practice Link today by messaging us in-app in the Spruce Support conversation.

How Practice Links Work

When your patient clicks on your Practice Link or enters the link into their browser’s URL bar, they’ll be directed to download the Spruce app from their phone’s app store. Once they have downloaded the Spruce app on their phone, your patient will be automatically connected to your practice and a new secure patient conversation will appear in your inbox.

Distributing Your Practice Link

Practice Links are also an effective way to advertise the communication access that your practice offers to patients.

Examples of how other providers have shared their Spruce Practice Link with patients are:

  • Email Marketing - Advertise the ability to sign up to message with your practice securely via an email newsletter
  • New Patient On-boarding - Incorporating the download of Spruce for secure messaging and telemedicine into your new patient on-boarding by sharing the Practice Link
  • In-office Displays - Displaying the Spruce Practice Link in-office on a cardboard stand or business cards at your front desk
  • Website - Differentiate your practice on your website by advertising the ability to download a secure messaging app in one click
  • Advertising - Track referral sources for inbound patients coming from online or print ads.

Custom Practice Link Configurations


Practice Links can be configured to automatically tag conversations for patients who signed up by clicking the link.

Multiple Practice Links

A single organization can have multiple distinct Practice Links.

These custom configurations can be useful in a number of contexts: for example, to identify the referral source of a patient who joins your practice, or to help multiple providers invite their own individual respective patient panels to join them on Spruce.

If you’re interested in custom Practice Link configuration, message us in Spruce Support.

Patient Identity Verification with Practice Links

The identity verification process involved when a patient joins your practice via a Practice Link differs from the identity verification process used when inviting patients to join a Secure patient conversation in-app. When you manually invite a patient to a Secure patient conversation, you provide us with the patient’s mobile number and email address, and we verify both of those points of information before pairing a patient with your practice.

With Practice Links, anyone with access to that link can be paired with the practice via a Secure patient conversation. During the account creation process, they elect their own name and mobile number (and we confirm that they own that mobile number with Two Factor Authentication). We pair the patient with your practice based on the fact that they have access to the link and not any additional contact details that you have independently provided to us.

As such, when using practice links, it is the responsibility of the practice to verify the patient’s identity before divulging PHI. We would recommend the following:

  • Confirm that the patient’s phone number and email address listed in the Secure patient conversation matches the patient’s phone number and email address in your records.
  • If either, or both, of the phone number and email address don’t match the information in your records, contact the patient through a known method of communication to confirm the alternate contact details and that they have created an account on Spruce via Practice Link.
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