Message Options

Copy, Save, View Message Details and More

Accessing Message Options  

On the Web

  1. Within a conversations, click on the three vertical dots located next to the timestamp of the message
  2. Select the action you’d like to take from the menu

On Mobile

  1. Within a conversation, press and hold on the message until the menu appears
  2. Select the action you’d like to take from the menu

Copy Message

Allows you to quickly copy the message text to paste in another location such as your EMR.

Message Details

Message Details always includes who sent the message and the full date and time a message was sent.

In Secure and Team Conversations, Message Details also contains read receipts for who has seen a particular message and when it was first viewed.

Saved Messages

Save a frequently used message to reuse at a later time.

Read more about Saved Messages →

Copy Link To Message

(Coming soon to Android and Web)

Copy a link to a message to share with a colleague in a team conversation or to link to a specific message in the EMR.

When a message linked is clicked, Spruce will open to that message within a conversation.

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