Message Options


Introduction to Message Options

Every message on Spruce has more information and actions you can access from inside the Message Options menu. This article provides a brief overview of what you'll find in Message Options. 

First, to access the Message Options menu, follow these steps: 

From the web

  1. Open a conversation.
  2. Select the Three Dots Icon to the right of the time and date of a specific message.

From the mobile app

  1. Open a conversation.
  2. Press and hold on a specific message until the menu appears.

Copy Message

Copy the content of the message, the sender, and the time stamp to your clipboard in one click. Now you can paste this information in another location, such as your EMR. Also useful for forwarding an attachment (see below).

Message Details

Message Details always includes the sender of the message and the full date and time the message was sent. In secure conversations and team conversations, Message Details also includes read receipts indicating who has seen the message and when it was viewed.

Save Message

Save the specific message to make it easy to send it again in the future. Read more about Saved Messages.

Copy Message Link

Copy the link to the message in one click. Now you can share the message with a teammate in a team conversation or link to the message in your EMR. When a message link is clicked, Spruce will open to that message in its conversation.

Forward an attachment

Using the Copy Message option, you can quickly forward an attachment you received in Spruce to another conversation. This is a great way to share sensitive documents without ever having to download the document to your computer, keeping all PHI safely stored in Spruce.

For example, if you receive test results as a fax from a lab, you can copy the message using the Message Options menu, open the relevant patient's secure conversation, and paste the message to forward the results to the patient. Here's a GIF showing the steps to copy and paste an attachment:

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