Introduction to Filters on Spruce

All your conversations on Spruce are accessible by selecting a Filter to view. Filters show you all the conversations that meet certain criteria, helping you organize your conversations and manage them efficiently. You can easily navigate between Filters to find conversations. And from the Spruce mobile app, you can control  notifications for each Filter.

Default Filters


The Inbox Filter contains all unassigned and unarchived conversations that you have access to in Spruce. The conversations in the inbox Filter are shared and visible to everyone on your team. They will remain in this Filter until they are either archived or assigned to someone.


The Mine Filter contains all unarchived conversations that have been assigned to you. This Filter is unique to each person (what you see is your Mine Filter is different that what a colleague sees in theirs). When a conversation is assigned, any replies within the conversation will only notify the assignee. When you archive a conversation, it will automatically be unassigned so that any future replies can be managed by anyone on your team. Please note: the "Mine" filter only appears after you have invited a teammate to join your practice.


The Pages Filter contains all conversations in which you have an unresolved page. Once you resolve a page, the associated conversation will no longer show up in this Filter. This Filter is unique to you and is not shared with your teammates. Learn more about paging a teammate in a conversation.


The Team Filter contains all team conversations that you’re a member of. Learn more about team conversations on Spruce.


The Starred Filter contains all conversations that you have starred, even if the conversation has been archived. This Filter is unique to you and is not shared with your teammates. Learn how to Star a conversation.


The Assigned Filter shows all unarchived conversations that are assigned to any person or group in your organization. You will not receive notifications about active conversations that are assigned to someone else, but you can always check on those conversations through this Filter. Once you archive a conversation, it will also un-assign the conversation, meaning it will no longer show up in this Filter. Please note: the "Assigned Filter" only shows up once you have invited teammates to join your practice.


The Archived Filter shows all conversations that have been archived. Note that when any team member archives a conversation, it is archived for the entire team. Learn more about archiving conversations.

Custom Filters

Filters can be reordered or removed if you find yourself using some more than others. The Spruce Support team can also set up custom Filters that only show conversations matching a given set of criteria. If you’d like to remove or reorder Filters or request custom Filters, send us a message with your request to the Spruce Support conversation in the app.

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