Managing Notifications

Mobile and web notifications keep you posted on new activity in Spruce. Update your Notification Settings to modify when and how you are notified.

Mobile Notifications

Push Notifications

On your smartphone, you can receive push notifications for new activity in Spruce. When toggled on, you’ll receive push notifications on your phone for new message activity in Spruce.

App Icon Badge (iPhone Only)

iPhone users can choose whether or not a red badge appears on the Spruce app icon. Toggle on the App Icon Badge to see a red badge on the Spruce app icon that indicates the number of conversations with unread messages in your inbox.

Managing Mobile Notifications

To manage notifications on your smartphone, first open the Spruce app on your phone (mobile notifications cannot be managed from the web). Tap the "Settings" gear icon in the upper left of the home screen and select “Notification Preferences” from the menu.

  • Modify whether or not you receive push notifications (i.e., notifications when the Spruce app is not open). Toggle 'Receive Push Notifications' on and off.
  • On iPhone only, modify whether or not you see badge app icon (this is the number of unique unread conversations across all filters where notifications are turned on). Toggle ‘Badge App Icon' on or off.
  • Modify the types of messages you are notified about by toggling 'Patient', 'Team', '@Pages', 'Following' and 'Support' on or off.

Web Notifications

On the web, you can choose whether and what type of notifications to receive for Patient and Team messages (e.g., you can select to receive notifications for only Patient messages in which you have been Paged). 

To manage your notification preferences on the web, click the "Settings" gear icon and select “Notifications” from the menu.

When Desktop notifications are toggled on (blue) you’ll receive notifications for new activity in Spruce. Your browser may display dialog asking you to grant Spruce permission to send notifications, so click “Allow” when prompted.

Managing Web Notifications

Modify your Notification settings by clicking on 'Settings' (gear icon) and 'Notifications'.

  • To modify whether or not you receive push notifications on your desktop, toggle the 'Desktop/Web' Notifications on and off.
  • To modify the types of messages you are notified about, select 'All', '@Pages Only', or 'None' for 'Patient messages' and 'Team messages'.

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