Spruce Profile Setup

What is my Spruce Organization Profile?

Think of your Spruce Organization Profile as your clinic's own custom website, hosted on Spruce's network for free. Any patient joining your clinic, or any provider you send your Spruce Link to, will see your profile, so it's important to make sure the information on it is accurate and relevant! You can add details such as physical location, specialty, offerings, and more.

How to edit your Spruce Profile

  1. Navigate to Settings. 
  2. Select "Organization Profile." 
  3. Select "Edit Profile."
  4. Add details to your profile fields, including changing your practice name.
  5. Select "Save" to save those changes.

Photos work best if 500x500 pixels, max 800x800 pixels, and in JPG or PNG format.

How to share your Spruce Profile

You can share your Spruce Profile with patients in multiple ways. Navigate to Settings and then to "Share Clinic." There, you'll see your Spruce Link and your QR code. You can copy & paste either of those and share them with patients any way you'd like. 

For example, you can text your patients your Spruce Link, and once they click on the link, they'll see your Spruce Profile. Many Spruce users print their QR codes onto patient paperwork and onto signs in their office to also speed up patient connection with their practice. You can also consider putting your Spruce Link or QR code on your clinic's website.

What patients see when they view your Spruce Profile

When patients click on your Spruce Link to join your practice, they'll see your Spruce Profile and all the information you've entered into it. Below, find an example of what that experience looks like for them. 

"About Me" Profile Setup

What is my "About Me" section?

Think of your Spruce Organization Profile as the landing page for your clinic as a whole, whereas the "About Me" section is personal to you as an individual. This is especially relevant when you have teammates on Spruce, as your teammate profile helps your teammates and your patients get more insight into who you are and what you do!

If you're securely messaging your patients, meaning that they've downloaded the app, they can click on your name icon within the conversation on their end and see the information you've provided in your "About Me" section. Be sure to fill out this information in order to build trust and tell your patients a bit about you!

Photos work best if 500 x 500, max 800 x 800 and a jpeg or png

How to edit your "About Me" section

To edit your personal profile including your display name, navigate to Settings and then to "Profile." Then, select "Edit".

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