Introduction to Telehealth

Spruce allows you to meet your patients where they are with virtual telehealth options. You can either connect with your patients live via HIPAA-compliant video calls or send them asynchronous (store-and-forward) clinical questionnaires, known as Spruce Visits. Before engaging in either type of telemedicine, your patients must be invited to create a Spruce account with your practice. Please see our article, Inviting Patients, to learn how to invite your patients to create Spruce accounts. 

If you are interested in using Spruce for payments, read the article, Stripe Billing and Payments.

Video Calling

The Spruce care team can initiate a video call to the patients once you are logged into your Spruce account (on the mobile app, iPad app, or the web). Patients can accept your incoming video call when they are logged into their Spruce patient account (on the mobile app, iPad app, or the web). To ensure patients are prepared at the time of your video call, we recommend scheduling the visit with your patient in advance, then sending a message a few minutes prior to the appointment asking the patient to open the Spruce app or login on their computer. 

Patients cannot initiate a video call. We do not have a "waiting room" feature, and we do not support group video calls at this time.  

How to start a video call

You can begin a video call from a patient's secure conversation, or from the patient's contact card

Placing a video call from Spruce on your computer  

When you are in a patient's secure conversation (noted by a blue icon with their initials), click on their name to open their contact card, and select the video icon below their name. You can also find or search for the patient within the Contacts area of Spruce and pull up their contact card and select the video call icon. If the video call icon is grey that means they have not yet created their Spruce account. 

Placing a video call from your Spruce mobile app  

While in the mobile app you can search for any patient and select the conversation with the blue icon with the patient's initials, then select the video call icon in the upper right corner. You can also head to your Contacts tab and find your patient, open up their contact and select the video call icon. Additionally, you can video call a patient while on the Inbox tab and select the action button (blue + button) and select Video Call and enter the patient's name into the To field.

If the video call icon is grey instead of blue, that signifies the patient has yet to created their Spruce patient account. Your invite maybe pending, meaning they have been invited but have not created their account and in this case you will see the button "Resend Spruce Invite". If you are in a standard conversation such as SMS texting or calling, you may just need to search again to find the secure conversation with the blue icon, or you can select the button, "Invite to Spruce" and that will send them a new invitation. Please see our article, Inviting Patients.

Spruce Visits

Spruce Visits are adaptive clinical questionnaires developed by the Spruce Health medical team that can be used for health assessments such as the PHQ-9, remote management of routine conditions, and follow-up. Your patients complete the questionnaires in the Spruce app. Questions branch based on previous answers, so patients are only asked relevant questions. Their responses are sent back to you in Spruce, where you can review and respond to the patient. These visits are not customizable at this this time. 

To send a Spruce Visit, you can send a visit through web or mobile but you must be in a secure patient conversation (noted by the blue icon with their initials in it). Open your patient conversation or in their Contact select the lock icon below their name and this will create a new secure conversation with them. Once in a conversation, at the bottom of your screen you will see the compose area. Select Secure Messaging, next to Internal. This is where you can send messages and the Spruce Visits. Select the Band-Aid icon at the bottom of the compose bar or select the "+" icon if you're on mobile. You must be toggled on to the Secure Message option in the compose bar, not Internal. Once you click the "+" icon on mobile, then choose the Band-Aid icon. 

This will direct you to our library of complaint-specific questionnaires. Here you can preview all of the available Spruce Visits before choosing one to send to your patient. When you are ready to send, select the Spruce Visit you want to use, then select Attach. The visit will be attached to a secure message to your patient. You can now add a personal message to your patient before selecting Send to send your message and the Spruce Visit. If your notifications are on, you will be alerted when they complete the visit. 

Below is list of Spruce Visits available today. We do not offer custom questionnaires but if you see an assessment test that should be listed please email us at and we will submit for review.  

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