Driving Patient Adoption


Introduction to Driving Patient Adoption

Many powerful features become available once your patients download the Spruce app and create an account! You'll have the option to send them secure messages, files, images, and payment requests. You will also be able to send them medical questionnaires they can fill out prior to an appointment, initiate video calls, facilitate group messages, and create distinct patient conversations with different topics, team members, and notes. 

This functionality is only useful if your patients download the Spruce patient app. Here are some best practices that can help drive the patient adoption of Spruce. 

Using your Spruce Link

It's important to effectively communicate why patients should create a Spruce account. Your Spruce link can help you explain the benefits of Spruce and why patients should connect with you. A Spruce link is a unique URL that patients can click on to download the app and connect directly to your clinic. You can find yours in your settings section under  "Contact" and then "Secure Messaging". Learn more about your Spruce Link here

We recommend creating a saved message template containing your Spruce link that you can easily send to any patient as an SMS text message at any time. This message can state what Spruce is and how to get started. See an example of a saved message with a Spruce link below.

"Hi John Appleseed-- Please use the link below to download the Spruce app and connect with me. Spruce will enable us to send secure messages, pictures, files and have secure video calls. All of our communication will also be stored securely within the app. Here is the link to download Spruce: invite.spruce.com/familymedicine. Let me know if you have any questions!"

Creating your Organization Profile

Any time you invite a patient to download the Spruce app, they will see your Organization Profile. This profile enables you to showcase any images, descriptions, and services you'd like your patients to see, helping them feel advised and confident on key information.  

You can create and edit your profile within the "Organization Profile" tab in your settings.

Setting up Automatic Replies

Another best practice is setting up an automatic response, also known as auto-reply, that encourages patients to download the app. You can read more about auto-replies here

Specifically, you can include your Spruce link in an automatic response to any incoming SMS text messages in order to prompt more patients to download the app and securely connect with you. 

Here is an example of an automatic reply you can set up: 

"Thank you for reaching out to our Family Medicine Clinic. We will be in touch soon. In the meantime, we encourage you to message us through the Spruce app instead. The Spruce app enables you to securely message and share files with us and guarantees that all of our communication is stored securely. Use this link to download the app now: invite.spruce.com/familymedicine."

If you prefer not to send everyone the same automatic reply, you can also set up an automatic message response with custom options. For example, "Press 1 if you're a new patient," "Press 2 if you're an existing patient," and so on. In this case, anyone who selects option 2 can receive the text message letting them know to download the app. If your clinic has multiple phone numbers, you can also ensure that only texts to a specific phone number get an automatic response.

Making Spruce part of your check-in protocol

For patients that come in for an in-person appointment or call into the practice, we recommend that you educate them on the Spruce app and its benefits. Encourage the patient to sign up while they are on the phone or in the clinic so that you can guide them through the setup.

Making the Spruce invite part of the check-in protocol is the single best way to ensure that you drive adoption of the patient app. Read this guide for a workflow on how to efficiently invite patients to Spruce.

We understand that every clinic is different, offering varying services and guidance. For that reason we've created a guide that can help you confirm the messaging and channels that you'd like to use to advertise Spruce. Take a look at our guide here, which also includes templates you can customize for your patients. 

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