Elation Integration

Elation Health is an electronic health record that integrates with Spruce so you can seamlessly update your patient's medical record without leaving Spruce. By integrating Elation and Spruce, you can sync demographic information as well as the content of your Spruce conversations to the patient chart in Elation. 

Setting Up Your Spruce <> Elation Integration

To utilize this feature, you should have an existing Elation account and must be on the Spruce Communicator Plan

To enable the integration:

  1. Any admin from your organization will navigate to your Spruce settings, then click on "Integrations"
  2. Click "Request Integration" on the Elation row, which will kick off the flow for the Elation and Spruce teams to get the integration activated. 
  3. Once Spruce <> Elation have been connected, we will message you in Team Spruce with some questions we'll need answered in order to complete the activation.

Customizing Your Spruce <> Elation Integration

Syncing of demographic information across platforms

When your Elation and Spruce accounts are first connected we will do a one time import of demographic information to your Spruce contacts, including name, phone number, email address, date of birth, and gender. You will have two options for how the two systems sync together with regards to the patient's demographic information on an ongoing basis. 

  1. Demographic ongoing sync off (default)

Any edits to the patient information in Elation or Spruce will not sync to each other. This is helpful if you like to edit patient names in Spruce with names that may be different than their medical record in Elation. 

  1. Demographic ongoing sync on

Any edits to the patient information in Elation or Spruce will edit the other system record. For example if you change a name in Spruce it will change the name in the medical chart in Elation.

Syncing conversations to Elation

The integration allows you to sync any content within Spruce such as texts, voicemails, call logs, etc to the patient's chart in Elation. When connecting to your Elation account we can configure what type of syncing your account will have. We offer two types of syncing:

  1. Selective syncing (default)

Selective sync allows you to pick and choose what information should be added to the Elation chart and when it should be added. Items you choose will become visit notes in Elation. Selective sync is great for practices that work with families. For example, if one Spruce conversation is managed by a guardian who may discuss the care of multiple children, you can choose which Elation chart to send a certain message to (e.g., the guardian, child A, or child B), based on the content and context of the message.  

  1. Automatic syncing

Automatic sync will sync any and all new activity in a Spruce conversation to its corresponding Elation chart as a miscellaneous report every 24 hours. These reports are within the patient chart and must be signed off on. This sync can be configured to include all activity (including internal notes) or just patient-facing activity (excluding internal notes). This is not the default setting as most clinicians found it to be too much non health related information going into the chart and needed to be signed off on.

Note on syncing pictures, videos, and attachments

When you sync a message that contains a picture, pdf, video, or attachment, including Spruce Visits, it will populate in Elation as a link to the attachment in Spruce. If you are logged into Spruce and select the link in Elation, you will be taken to the attachment in Spruce. If you want to have the original attachment transferred fully to Elation, you must download the file from Spruce and upload it to Elation. 

Syncing Tags from Elation to Spruce

There is an option to automatically sync provider tags from Elation to Spruce. If you’d like this configured, please let the Spruce Support team know and make sure to provide the desired tag you want applied in Spruce for each provider in your organization. 

Note: no other tags can be automatically synced from Elation to Spruce.

How to Selectively Sync to Elation from Spruce

Once your account is connected to Elation you can now copy messages directly over to the patient chart. You can sync communication from linked or unlinked contacts in Spruce. Here is how to get started:

  1. Open your patient conversation on the web version of Spruce.
  2. Hover over any messages until three small vertical dots appear to the right of the message and click on them.
  3. Select the the "Select Message" option from the menu. 
  4. Squares will appear to the left of each message that you can click to select the individual messages you would like to copy to Elation, they are selected when blue.
  5. If your integration is on, you will see at the top of the conversation, below the patient name, "Copy Message" and "Sync to Elation", choose Sync to Elation.
  6. A box will pop up and if this patient is already linked to their patient chart in Elation it will be populated under patient, if blank, search for the patient by full first and/or last name. You can also edit to a different patient than what was prefilled.
  7. Create an optional Note that will be the title of the Note in Elation and click "Save."

Click here to review a demo video of selectively syncing to Elation.  

Linking a patients to Elation is the concept of connecting your patients from Spruce to Elation or as we say, linking. This process should be mostly automated when your Elation account is initially integrated to your Spruce account. To start you must make sure you integration has been turned on. Sometimes you will need to manually link your patients so that is what we are going to share below. Linking happens at the Contact level instead of conversation so you only need to link each patient once instead of per conversation. You can link a patient by clicking the contact either from the Contacts tab or within a conversation. Linking can only be done on the web version of Spruce. 

  1. Select the patient's contact in Spruce to open the contact card.
  2. Scroll down to Integrations and select Link Contact to EHR.
  3. Select Elation from the drop down menu.
  4. Search for the patient by the name or ID number used for that patient in Elation. This search must have the full first or last name in order to pull up the patient. It is not case sensitive.
  5. Once the correct chart appears, select it and verify that the information from Elation matches the information you have in Spruce.
  6. Select Establish Link to connect the Elation chart with the Spruce contact.

Watch this video to see this in action.

To remove a link follow the above instructions and when under Integrations hover over the integration you want to unlink and you will see it will say "Remove Link" when you are hovered over. 

Additional resources can be found on Elation's Help Center

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