Plan Upgrade or Downgrade


Spruce Plans

There are two different Spruce plans: The Basic Plan ($24 per user per month) and the Communicator Plan ($49 per user per month). 

The right plan for you depends on a variety of factors including how many users/teammates will be on your account, the features you are interested in, and the level of customization required for your team (for example, if you'd like specific patient messages to get routed to specific teammates). You can see more information on what features are included in which plans on our Plans page

Spruce is billed on per-user pricing, so when you add or remove teammates, there may be an immediate change to your monthly billing amount. 

In general, if you are a solo user with no teammates, admins, or customizations, the Basic Plan should work for you. If you have a team and require custom configuration, the Communicator Plan is the best choice.

Upgrading Your Plan

If you want to upgrade your plan from the Basic Plan to the Communicator Plan, you can upgrade directly from your Spruce account on the web by going into your settings and selecting " Billing." You'll see both of our plans with the option to "Select Plan."

You can also upgrade directly in your Spruce app if you have an Android by clicking on " Billing" in your settings. If you have an iPhone please reach out to our support team in the app to upgrade. 

If you do not see the in-app Billing Page available to you on your account, then please contact our team in-app or at so we can help you change your plan and answer any questions you may have.

Downgrading Your Plan

If you'd like to downgrade from the Communicator Plan to the Basic Plan, or if you'd like to cancel your Spruce account, please reach out to our support team in-app or at

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