Cancel or Update Your Subscription

Spruce Subscription Plans

There are two different Spruce plans: The Basic Plan ($24 per user per month) and the Communicator Plan ($49 per user per month). 

The right plan for you depends on a variety of factors including how many users/teammates will be on your account, the features you are interested in, and the level of customization required for your team (for example, if you'd like specific patient messages to get routed to specific teammates). For more information on what features are included in which plans on our Plans page

Spruce is billed on per-user pricing, so when you add or remove teammates, there will be an immediate change to your monthly billing amount. When you remove a teammate you will be given a credit for the remaining time in their billing period. If you add a teammate you will be charged a prorated amount depending on your billing period.

All teammates are required to be on the same plan.

To select a plan, upgrade, downgrade, or cancel your subscription, you must be an administrator for your organization on Spruce.

Upgrading Your Plan

If you want to upgrade your plan from the Basic Plan to the Communicator Plan, you can upgrade directly by logging into your Spruce account on the web and navigating to "Settings > Billing." You'll see both plans with the option to "Upgrade" to the Communicator Plan. When you upgrade you will be charged immediately for the difference in price but it will be prorated based on where you are in your billing period.

You can also upgrade directly in the Spruce Android app if by tapping on "Billing" in your settings. If you have an iPhone please log into Spruce on a computer using a web browser to upgrade.

If you do not see the in-app Billing Page on your account, please contact support through the Team Spruce conversation or by emailing so we can help you change your plan and answer any questions you may have.

Downgrading Your Plan

If you'd like to downgrade from the Communicator Plan to the Basic Plan, please reach out to the Spruce Support Team via in-app messaging or by emailing

Canceling Your Plan

If you'd like to cancel your Spruce subscription, you can do this from the web version of Spruce by going to "Settings > Billing." Only admins on Spruce can cancel your organization's subscription.

What to know about canceling your Spruce subscription:

⚠️ Your subscription will be canceled immediately, and any remaining prepaid balance will be refunded to the payment method on file.

⚠️ You will no longer be able to use Spruce to make phone calls or send messages. All incoming calls will be sent straight to voicemail.

⚠️ You will still be able to log into Spruce to access existing records, as needed.

⚠️ If you have used Spruce secure messaging, patients will still be able to message your clinic in the Spruce app. We recommend you create an auto-reply to remind patients that they will no longer be able to reach you via Spruce. You can do this from "Settings > Auto-Replies."

⚠️ If you registered for business text messaging and paid the carrier registration fee, your registration will expire after one month. If you return to Spruce after this time, you will need to register and pay the carrier fee again.

Transfer Numbers Before Cancellation

Numbers that are not transferred out of Spruce will be irretrievably lost shortly after cancellation.

If you would like to transfer a phone or fax number out of Spruce, you must do so before canceling your subscription to ensure continuity of service. To initiate a number transfer, contact Support by sending a message to the Team Spruce conversation in your account.

When you cancel your subscription you will still be able to log into Spruce to view your historical data. If you want to delete your entire account and data please review this article on account deletion. When you delete your account first it will automatically cancel your subscription.

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