Account Deletion

Patient Account Deletion

A patient’s Spruce account can only be deleted by the patient themself. They can do this by going to Settings/Account and selecting "Delete Account." Once their account is deleted they will have no access to secure conversations with their provider. Only the patient has the ability to restore their account, which they can do using a link emailed to them during a designated period of time.

Providers will continue to have access to the patient's conversation history. This is part of the provider's medical records and cannot be deleted without deleting the entire organization's Spruce account.

Teammate Account Deletion

Only Spruce Administrators (admins) have the ability to remove teammates from your account. This can be done by going to Settings > Teammates and selecting the teammate and then selecting "Deactivate Account." You will be required to choose a team or teammate to receive the resources belonging to the user you are removing. If you are an admin please refer to these instructions for removing a teammate and transferring their resources to another team or teammate.

Organization Account Deletion

Admin users on Spruce are the only users with the ability to fully delete the organization's Spruce account. The organization's account cannot be deleted if there are active phone or fax numbers are associated with the account. The admin must first reach out in the app to Team Spruce Support and ask that these numbers be removed. Once the numbers are removed the account users will not be able to use Spruce to make or receive phone calls or SMS messages. There is no guarantee that numbers can be retrieved after they are released, even if the organization seeks to reactivate the account. 
Once the numbers have been removed the admin will need to navigate to Settings > Organization Preferences and select Delete Organization. Once this action is taken everyone in the organization will lose access to their account. All users will receive an email confirming the deletion of the organization. Admins will have a URL link in the email to cancel account deletion and restore the account. There will be a date communicated in the email until when the org can be restored, after which the data will be permanently deleted. If an admin does initiate restoration there is no guarantee that the account will be restored in the same state and it may not be possible to reclaim the same phone numbers previously provisioned.

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