Manage Your Notifications


Introduction to notifications

Notifications keep you posted on new activity in Spruce, helping you catch every message in a timely manner. If you choose to turn on your notifications, you'll see them appear the way other notifications on your personal phone appear. We will not reveal the details of any particular message for security reasons, but will let you know when you're receiving a new patient message, voicemail, or message from a colleague.

You can update your Notification Preferences to modify when and how you are notified at any time from your mobile settings. You won't be able to manage mobile notifications from the web at this time, only from your mobile app.

Managing notifications on an iPhone

To manage Spruce notifications on your iPhone: 

  1. Select the Gear Icon in the bottom right-hand corner of your mobile screen to open your Settings.
  2. Select Notifications.
  3. Select when and how you would like to be notified on your mobile phone.

Your options for notifications include all new patient messages, all new team messages, all new Pages, and/or all new messages from Spruce Support. If you do not want to receive an alert for all new messages, you can choose to only get alerted when a new message involves you or is assigned to you specifically. 

Managing notifications on an Android

To manage notifications on your Android: 

  1. Select the small icon in the upper left-hand corner from within the app.
  2. Select the "Settings" option.
  3. Scroll down to "Account" where you'll see "Notification Preferences."
  4. Change/update your preferences.

In addition to this, please check your general Android settings on your phone to make sure you have allowed notifications for the Spruce app. To do so, swipe up from your home screen to view all applications. Scroll down until you reach your settings. Within settings, look for "Apps & Notifications." Then find Spruce among your list of apps. Click into it and make sure your notifications are turned on.

If you are still having notification issues, please review our Troubleshooting article!

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