Customizing your Personal Preferences

Introduction to Personal Preferences

This article is most relevant if you are on a team and there are two or more members on your Spruce account. If you visit your settings by selecting the settings gear, you will be able to select and view your Personal Preferences (web) and My Preferences (mobile).  Your personal preferences are important because it will allow you to determine what the default is for multiple settings for your login. For example, you'll be able to determine what number will automatically populate in your "From" field when sending a message if there are multiple numbers on your account.

Your personal preferences will look slightly different on your mobile device and web. Use the web to see more options.   

Admins on Spruce can now edit their teammate's preferences as well! This is very useful for setting up new teammates and helping those who have less familiarity with the platform. Please note, it is only possible to manage teammates' settings on the web version of Spruce. Admins can also manage their teammates' filters here too.

Managing "My Preferences"

The first section is "Personal Preferences" that allows you to customize the following:

Dark Mode

Dark mode employs darker colors to reduce strain and extend device usage, while also being ideal for low-light environments. You have the ability to have dark mode "Always On", "Always Off", or to follow the appearance settings of your device, listed in the drop down as "System".

Enter to Send

If you toggle on this feature (indicated by the color blue), you'll be able to select "Enter" or "Return" on your keyboard to send any message that you've composed. You won't have to manually tap on the "send" button in Spruce.

Pro tip: if you're using a Mac, you can press 'command' and 'enter' to send messages without toggling on "enter to send".

Default to "Internal Notes"

You'll notice when composing a message that you'll see the option of "SMS" or "Secure Message" and "Internal Note," right above the compose bar. By default, you'll always be toggled to "SMS" or "Secure Message" therefor more quickly sending a message to a patient. If you toggle on "Default to Internal Notes," then you'll always be toggled over to "Internal Note" initially. 

Internal Notes are messages that you can post that will not get sent to the patient. They'll have a yellow background and are private to your organization. This is a good feature to turn on if you don't want to risk sending a message by accident to a patient. Just remember to toggle it over to SMS or Secure Message before sending a patient message.

Default "From" Settings

Whenever you send an app-to-app message, meaning that the patient has downloaded the app, the message will come from a Spruce Link. You can read more about Spruce Links here. Whenever you send an SMS text message (patient did not download the app) or make a phone call, that call or message will come from a Spruce number on your account. You can decide which Spruce Link or phone number will populate for you automatically when you are initiating communication through Spruce. If you have multiple fax numbers on your account you can also set your default fax number as well. You can learn more about managing ownership for phone numbers and Spruce Links here.

Under "Default "From" for New Conversation" setting, select "Edit" and then choose your Default "From" for secure messages (choose your default Spruce Link). Select your Default "From" for SMS & Calls and/or Default Fax Number. Then select "Done" once you've made your selection.

Default Members for Contacts

This setting is an optional advanced setting that you must contact Team Spruce Support to turn on. In the section of your personal preferences, you'll see "Default Members for Contacts." This allows you to determine who on your team has access to the contact book on your Spruce account. For example, if you change this setting so that you are the only default member for contacts, then only you will be able to view newly created contacts in your contact book. Other members will not be able to see patient contact information or be able to reach out to them from their contact book.

This is helpful if only a few teammates need access to the contact book. If you want all team members to have access to the contact book, then make sure the default member is the name of your organization. Select "Edit" to change/update any members.

Default Members for Notes

You'll also see "Default Members for Notes." Similarly, only members will be able to see newly created notes by you or other members. This is helpful if you have a billing team, for example, who doesn't need access to clinical notes. Only members will have access to any written notes and be able to read them. Select "Edit" to change/update any members.

For Admins: Editing Teammates' Personal Preferences

To edit a teammate's personal preferences, navigate to the general Settings list and select "Teammates" setting and then select one of your teammates to edit their settings. You will see Personal Preferences listed under Manage. When you select this you will see the same options that are described above and you can edit them for your teammate using the same steps that you would use to edit your own preferences! 

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