Practice Hours and Schedules

Spruce can set any auto-replies or phone trees to a schedule so that they will automatically switch to a different behavior at a designated time. The most common use for this is to set up a clinic hours and and after-hours phone tree that will automatically switch based on the hours you set up. To set them up initially you must send instructions to Team Spruce Support by emailing with your hours, days and time zone. Please note this feature is only available on the Communicator level plan. 

For example, if your business is open Monday-Thursday from 9am-5pm and on Friday from 9am-2pm, we can configure schedules such that:

  • You have a business hours phone tree active while you are open. 
  • At 5pm every weekday, the after-hours phone tree is automatically activated, and the business-hours phone tree takes over at 9am the next business day.
  • An after hours autoresponder automatically turns on at 5pm every weekday, letting people know they are messaging in after hours and have to call 911 they are having an emergency. 

Overriding your practice hours 

Once you practice hours are set up for your phone tree or auto-replies they will switch automatically. Occasionally, you may want to switch to after-hours earlier than your practice hours designates or even turn off the schedule entirely. Within your settings you have control to toggle your practice hours on and off. 

Phone Tree Practice Hours Settings

To override the automated behavior, go to your Settings, Phone & SMS and then select the number, then go to Phone Tree and select Edit. Here you can toggle between phone trees, remove the phone tree entirely, and turn off or on your practice hours. If you keep your practice hours toggled on but move to your after-hours phone tree early, the system will start playing that phone tree immediately and continue until the practice hours schedule says switch back to clinic hours. If you do not want it to switch back to clinic hours the next day, then you must toggle the practice hours off (to grey).

Auto-Replies and Practice Hours Settings

To edit your auto-replies schedule go to your Settings, Auto-Replies and then select the auto-reply you would like to edit. There you can turn auto-replies on or off and also turn the schedule on or off. Note that if you turn off the practice hours it will either be on all the time or off all the time depending if you have enabled the auto-reply. 

Watch video: Phone Trees and Practice Hours - Manual Override 

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