Spruce Digital Care Options

Treat patients remotely and offer access to cutting-edge healthcare technology with the digital care features on Spruce. Our Digital Care features enable you to you to treat your patients remotely and offer access to cutting-edge healthcare technology.

Digital Care options are only available in Secure Patient Conversations, so you’ll first need to invite your patient to download the patient-facing Spruce app.

Video Visits

Start a secure video chat with a patient in one click, without ever leaving the Spruce app.

Spruce Visits

Send patients asynchronous "Spruce Visits" to collect and document a full history and symptoms set and handle routine complaints efficiently through detailed question sets.

Care Plans

Create personalized care plans which help to educate patients and eliminate unnecessary follow-up calls and questions.

Mobile Billpay

Send payment requests to bill and receive payment from patients, all in the app! 

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