Spruce-Hint Integration


Introduction to Hint integration

Hint Health is a membership billing platform for direct pay practices. The Spruce-Hint integration allows patients added in Hint to automatically be added to Spruce as well. This integration includes automatic updates between platforms, so patient information added or updated in one system with update in the other.

Features of the Integration:
  • All patients in Hint are automatically imported into Spruce.
  • Any new patient in Hint is automatically added to Spruce. If a conversation using that patient's contact information already exists in Spruce, it will surface to the top of the inbox with a notice that a possible Hint patient matches the conversation.
  • Any contact information updated in Hint or Spruce updates the other. This feature is on by default, but can also be turned off.
  • An automatic SMS can be sent to invite a patient to Spruce after they are added to Hint. This feature is off by default, and needs to be turned on if desired.

Integrate Hint and Spruce

  1. Navigate to your Hint account via this link: https://provider.hint.com/admin/integrations/spruce-health
  2. Select Integrate with Spruce Health and then Connect with Spruce Health (this will redirect you to the Spruce website automatically).
  3. Log in to your Spruce account.
  4. In Spruce, select the Gear Icon to open your Settings, then select Advanced
  5. Look under Integrations. If the integration was successful, you should see an option to select Hint Dashboard.
    1. If Hint Dashboard is missing, select Connect to Hint and log back in to Hint.
    2. If a message appears saying Pending and Try Again, select Try Again to log back in to Spruce.
  6. Send a message to Spruce Support via the app to confirm that your Spruce and Hint accounts are connected and the integration can be finalized.

Link patient accounts

  1. Open the patient's conversation in Spruce.
  2. Select the Person Icon in the top right corner of the conversation.
  3. Select Link to Hint.
  4. In the Name or ID search bar, type the patient's name or ID number as it appears in Hint. Please note that this field is case sensitive, so if the name is capitalized in Hint, it must be capitalized in the search bar.
  5. Select the correct Hint account, verify that the Hint account information matches that in Spruce, then select Establish Link.

Follow these steps to remove a link to Hint:
  1. Open the patient's conversation in Spruce.
  2. Select the Person Icon in the top right corner of the conversation.
  3. Select Edit.
  4. Scroll to the section of the profile called Connected Patient Records
  5. Under Hint, select Remove Link.

Common integration questions

What should I do if I have multiple conversations for the same patient?

Each patient can and should have two conversations: one for secure communication and one for standard communication (SMS, email). While Spruce cannot merge two threads, you may delete any extraneous standard conversations. To do so, open the conversation you want to delete and select on the Three Dots Icon, then select Delete Conversation. If there is any information you want to preserve before deleting a conversation, you can copy the information you want to save from one conversation and post it in as internal note in the conversation you will be keeping.

What if a patient shows up as unsynced in Hint, or if I can find a patient in Hint, but not in Spruce?

If a Spruce conversation is not automatically found for a patient who is in Hint, you can search for or create one.

  1. Enter the patient's phone number in the search bar in Spruce.
  2. If you find an existing conversation:
    1. If you are find an existing conversation for the correct patient, link it to Hint following the instructions above.
    2. If you find an existing conversation for a dependent or family member using the same phone number, you can remove the link to Hint following the instructions above.
  3. If you do not find an existing conversation for the correct patient:
    1. Select the Plus Icon to create a new conversation using the patient's phone number exactly as it appears in Hint.
    2. Link the new Spruce conversation to Hint following the instructions above.

Why is there a message in Spruce saying a patient was created in Hint?

If a patient already exists in Spruce at the time that the new patient account is created in Hint, Spruce will post an internal message to notify you of an existing match. This connection is made when there is contact information in a Spruce conversation (usually the phone number) that matches a newly created Hint account. Here is an example of the internal message Spruce will post in this situation:

Look at the Patient Profile in Spruce and verify that the integration has paired the right Sprue conversation with the correct Hint account. If so, you can link the accounts. If the Spruce conversation does not match the Hint patient suggested, you can create a new Spruce conversation to go with the new Hint account (follow the instructions in the previous question). 

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