Multiple Matching Contacts


    Introduction to Multiple Matching Contacts

    When more than one saved contact in your Spruce account shares a piece of contact information- a phone number or email- you will see a title on their conversation that reads "Multiple Matching Contacts." This is how Spruce indicates duplicate information in your Spruce account. 

    If you see "Multiple Matching Contacts" in your inbox, this means that you received an SMS text message or phone call, NOT an app-to-app message, from someone who has their number listed under two different contacts in your Spruce contact list.

    This may happen for a number of reasons. One common case is that contacts were imported more than once and created duplicates; we have also seen duplicates created by Elation or Hint integrations. Many of our pediatric practices run into this frequently when multiple family members share contact information. 

    Resolving Multiple Matching Contacts

    There are two ways to resolve the 'Multiple Matching Contacts' (MMC) title. Spruce allows you to “merge” contacts or “name” a group of contacts so that the Multiple Matching Contacts title is removed. If the contact entries represent the same person you can 'Merge' them; this will create a single contact entry combining information from both. Conversations with either existing entity will be tied to the new entity. In the case where the contact entries are actually different people you can can 'Set a Name,' which will give that group a name so it is more recognizable in your inbox. This allows our users to have greater control of how information is presented. Each of the contacts in this case will remain separate and conversations will not be combined in any way.

    This video illustrates the different ways to resolve MMC's, please continue scrolling down if you would prefer written instructions.

    Merging from the Inbox

    You may have seen the MMC title appear on conversations in your Inbox view. You can open the merge/name interface right from the conversation; click on the title MMC and you will see this open.

    From here you can decide whether to merge or to name the contacts that share the indicated piece of contact information- in this case a phone number. If we decide to select merge you will next see a screen confirming which contact entries you will be merging,  you can then select "Preview Merge" to review.

    If there is conflicting demographic information, at the top you’ll see a box that says “Information Requires Review;” this shows the demographic information that differs between the contacts you’re merging. You can choose which information becomes part of the merged entry. If you do not edit the information yourself the program will choose the information from the first contact created (the oldest entry). You can also review other information and make edits before selecting "Complete Merge."

    You'll notice when the new Contact Card appears that there is a new custom field- "Merge History." This preserves all the original contact information from the merged entries and shows you who completed the merge and when.

    When you close the Contact Card you'll notice that the conversation title will no longer read MMC, instead you will see the contact's name.

    Setting a Name from the Inbox

    This is a very similar process but instead of selecting “Merge Contacts” you’ll select “Set Name” after you select the “Multiple Matching Contacts” title. In this case you only have one step- enter the group name you’d like to use. For example if there are three members of the Smith family - Brad, Paul and Mary, who are all listed under Brad’s phone number, you can select them all and name the group “Smith Family” so that you see this title when any of them sends a message. You will still be able to see the individual contacts as well. The preview view will show you how the Title and Subtitle will appear after saving.

    Merging from the Contacts List

    To see all of your organization's Multiple Matching Contacts you can navigate to Contacts<All, select the "More" drop-down menu and select "Multiple Matching Contacts." This takes you to an interface with three tabs- "Needs Resolution," "Named" and "Merged." On the “Needs Resolution” tab you’ll see listed any contacts that share contact information and what information they share. You are able to select the contacts and “Merge” or “Set Name” using the same process outlined above. Once you have resolved the duplicate you’ll see that it is no longer in the “Needs Resolution” tab; you can find it in the “Merged” or “Named” tab depending on what action you have taken.

    Please note the following restrictions to this feature:

    • Contacts with Spruce accounts, meaning those that appear blue and can be messaged securely, cannot be merged. If your patient has duplicate Spruce accounts please instruct them to delete one of the duplicate accounts. If multiple contacts have "pending invites" they also cannot be merged.
    • Contacts cannot be “un-merged” but they can be re-named. You’ll see the options to “Merge” or “Set Name” appear under the “Named” tab in the Multiple Matching Contacts list, however no options are available for the “Merged” contacts.
    • If multiple contacts have been linked to one of our integration partners (e.g. Elation or Hint) they cannot be merged; you will need to remove one of these links to be able to merge them.

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