Multiple Matching Contacts


Introduction to Multiple Matching Contacts

When there is duplicate contact information in your Spruce account, you'll see newly generated conversations with that contact information appear as "Multiple Matching Contacts." This is how Spruce manages duplicate information in your Spruce account. 

If you see "Multiple Matching Contacts" in your inbox, this means that you received an SMS text message or phone call, NOT an app-to-app message, from someone who has their number listed under two different contacts in your Spruce contact book. 

Managing Multiple Matching Contacts

    To manage matching contacts: 

    1. Open up the conversation that says "Multiple Matching Contacts" on the web. 
    2. Click on the title "Multiple Matching Contacts." You'll be able to see exactly which contacts have that number listed in their contact card. 
    3. Next to each contact name you should see a drop down menu that says "Select Action." Here you can view a contact, remove a number from an account, or delete one of the contacts entirely. Once you remove the number from one of the contacts or delete one, the right name will appear on the conversation.

    ❗ Please note that deleting a contact on Spruce will NOT delete any conversations that are associated with that contact. Deleting a contact will delete only the information about the contact, not any actual communication that you and the contact have had on Spruce.

    If two patients truly do share a phone number—a mother and her daughter, for example—and you want them listed with the same phone number, then simply rename the conversation.

    To rename a conversation:

    • Open up the conversation that says "Multiple Matching Contacts" on the web.
    • Click on "Multiple Matching Contacts" at the top of the screen.
    • Enter the desired name in the box where it says "Add Subject" and click "Save".
    • You'll then see the subject you chose displayed under "Multiple Matching Contacts," so you'll know what it's referring to.

    Here is a video showing you how to complete the steps above.

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