Getting a Spruce Phone Number


Introduction to your Spruce phone number

Spruce protects your personal phone number when you call patients. Your Spruce phone number is the number you give patients to contact you. When patients call your Spruce phone number, the call can route to your personal cell phone or any other number you choose, all without revealing your personal cell phone number.

Your Spruce phone number can be a current business number that we port over to Spruce, or it can be a brand new number.

Once you have a Spruce phone number, patients can start communicating with you via phone calls and standard SMS text messages, which will all be accessible through your Spruce inbox. 

Porting your existing phone number

To keep your current business number on Spruce, please message in app to Spruce Support to let us know you are interested in porting your number to Spruce. 

The porting process typically takes 1-3 weeks from start to finish. The Spruce team will keep you informed of the schedule. You will continue to use your current number with your current service provider up until the time of your port. On the day of your port, the Spruce team will be in touch to let you know the status of the transfer and when you can switch over to using Spruce.

See our detailed article for step-by-step information on the porting process.

Selecting a new phone number

To get a brand new number on Spruce, follow these steps on the Spruce  mobile app. . 

Select the  Person Icon to get to your Settings page.
Select  Phone Numbers.
Select  Your Number, and choose an area code. An available phone number with that area code will automatically populate.

Note: If there is not a phone number available with your preferred area code, please contact Spruce Support.

Answering calls and Spruce caller ID

In order to disguise your personal phone number to patients, Spruce uses a call routing process. This process includes some unique features that further protect privacy. These features will affect how you answer calls and how caller ID works for calls to and from your Spruce number.

Receiving inbound calls:

When a patient calls your Spruce phone number, Spruce protects patient privacy by displaying  Spruce Call on your caller ID. This indicates that you have an incoming business call rather than an incoming personal call. When you answer the call, an automated voice will dictate the number that is calling, or if the patient is saved as a contact in Spruce, it will dictate the name of the patient. You will then be asked to press 1 to be connected to the caller. This step allows you to triage your calls without displaying sensitive patient phone numbers on your screen. Now you can answer the phone call or hang up to let it go to your Spruce voicemail.

Making outbound calls:

When you make an outbound call from the Spruce app, the person you call will see your Spruce number on the caller ID instead of your personal phone number. 

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