Create a Spruce Phone Number or Port Your Number to Spruce


Introduction to your Spruce phone number

Spruce protects (masks) your personal cell phone number when you call and text patients. When a patient calls your Spruce phone number, the call can either route to your personal cell phone or any other number you choose, all without revealing your personal details. Patients can call and text your Spruce phone number from their own personal phones and documentation of inbound and outbound calls, voicemails left, and text messages sent/received will all be captured within your Spruce account. 

Note: You can create a brand new number with Spruce, or your Spruce phone number can be your current business number that we port/transfer over to Spruce. You decide!

Once you have added a number to your Spruce account please view this video on setting up your new number!

Porting your existing phone number

To keep your current business line, you can request to port or transfer that number to Spruce. Porting is the process of transferring a phone number from one telephone service provider to another. If you want to port your number to Spruce, and you have already subscribed to a paid plan, you should have received an email and message in-app with a link to the porting form. If you don't have access to this, please message Spruce Support from within the app to let us know you are interested in porting your number to Spruce. 

Porting involves verifying that the person initiating the port request owns the number and the process requires coordination from both carriers. The porting process typically takes 1-3 weeks from start to finish. After you submit a request to port your number, the Spruce team will keep you informed of your port date once it scheduled. You will continue to use your current number with your current service provider up until the time of your port. On the day of your port, the Spruce team will be in touch to let you know the status of the transfer and when you can switch over to using Spruce.

Detailed Porting Process 

The process will depend on who your current service provider is, but it typically looks like this:

  1. Documentation Approval: You complete the required documentation to verify that the phone number being ported belongs to you.
  2. Request Submitted: We submit the request to port your number with your current provider and our telecom service provider.
  3. Port Scheduled: We’ll let you know the date and time that your number is scheduled to be ported, via Spruce Support in app. Note if you do not have the mobile app we recommend you get it at this time to make sure you see these in-app messages sent to you.
  4. Porting Begins: On the date that your porting has been scheduled, our provider will begin to update the routing records so that your calls will go through Spruce. This process will take approximately 2 to 3 hours to complete, end to end.
    (Please note that your current service provider may notify you that the process is complete before we do; this means that they have released your number to us and we’re still working to finish the port.)
  5. Testing: Once the porting process is complete on our end, we’ll notify you and send some test calls / SMS text messages to your number to ensure that everything is working properly.
  6. Port Complete: After we verify that your number has ported correctly, you’ll be able to send and receive voice calls through Spruce. 
    (Please note that SMS text messages will take a little bit longer to be fully functional due to the fact that all carriers need to update their routing records. Many carriers say that it may take 24 to 48 hours, but in our experience it's typically shorter than that.)
  7. Canceling Old Service: You may cancel your previous service 48 hours after your number has ported if all voice and SMS functionality is confirmed successful following your port.

Porting takes place Monday through Friday, 8:30 am - 10:30 am PST. You will not need to be available during this time. And, while we do not anticipate any loss in functionality of your number, it is a possibility when porting over from any carrier.
We have also noticed certain carriers may delay SMS texting during port. This may mean that the SMS function will continue through your old service provider for an additional 72 hours - even after the port is 'complete'. 
If your patients rely on SMS messaging, please invite them to join you via the secure app connection on Spruce as that will not be affected during the port process.

Can I still use my phone number during the porting process?

Yes. Up until your port is complete, you will continue to use your number with your current service provider, just as you have before. On the day of the port, we’ll be in touch to let you know the status of the transfer and when you should switch over to using Spruce instead.

When should I cancel service with the carrier I’m transferring away from?

As a precaution, our service provider recommends keeping your account active with your current provider for 10 days after the port is scheduled. They ask that you do this in the rare event of an error occurring during the porting process. That way you won’t lose your number.

Can I transfer/port my number out of Spruce?

Yes, although we’d be sad to see you go. Please message us in Support so we can help facilitate the port.

Can I port in my personal cell phone to Spruce?

Generally you will not port your personal cell phone to Spruce. In order for your Spruce number to work you must forward to a working phone, either your personal cell or a Spruce desk phone. If you want to convert your personal cell to now be a work number, you will have to get a new personal cell number from from your old personal cell carrier so we have somewhere to forward calls. Spruce is a virtual phone system which is a communications platform that handles your business calls through an internet connection. It lets users accept incoming and place outgoing calls on a mobile phone apps, or desk phones.

Selecting a new Spruce number

To get a brand new number on Spruce, follow these steps on the Spruce mobile app.   
1. Select the Settings tab.  
2. Select Phone and SMS.
3. On Mobile: Click the button that says, 'Claim a Spruce Number'.  On Web: Click on 'Create a Spruce Number'. 
4. Next you will enter your preferred area code and a number will be provisioned.
5. We recommend checking out our article, Manage Your Spruce number, to learn how to set up your voicemail.  
Note: If there is not a phone number available with your preferred area code or you see an error message, please contact Spruce Support.

Can I change my Spruce number after creating an account?

Of course you can! Just message Team Spruce and we will be happy to remove your existing phone number from your account so that you can provision a new one (just like you did the first time).

Once we remove your number, simply navigate to the menu of the mobile app (by tapping the Settings tab), then select ‘Phone Setup’ to claim a new number with the desired area code.

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