VoIP Desk Phones

Introduction to VoIP Phones

A VoIP phone uses Voice over Internet Protocol (IP) technologies for placing and transmitting telephone calls over the Internet. This is in contrast to a standard phone which uses the traditional public switched telephone network.

You can reduce or replace your phone bill altogether by utilizing the Spruce phone system and associated desk phones. Much like what you're already accustomed to, you can make and receive calls from your VoIP phone, and voicemails will be captured in the Spruce app for you to listen to and easily share with other members of the team. All calls you make from the desk phone will automatically be logged in the appropriate patient conversation in Spruce, giving you context for who called which patient and when. Please note that the VoIP phone interface will only display the phone number of the caller, not the name of the caller; a log will populate in the Spruce interface after the call has ended with their name or number. 

Purchasing VoIP Phones

Spruce is compatible with Poly Obi Edition VVX VoIP phones or Yealink phones, which must be purchased directly from Spruce. To purchase desk phones, log into Spruce on your computer, go to Settings > Phone & SMS > Order VoIP Phones. We remotely configure the phones and provide support for them. We will configure and ship the phones to you so that all you have to do is connect them to the internet.

VoIP phones are part of our Communicator-level plan. You can upgrade here. If you are new to Spruce, please email our sales team at sales@sprucehealth.com to learn more about our services.

The Spruce system only works with the phones purchased through Spruce. Due to how the phones are configured, we do not support phones purchased externally.

Here are the options we offer with links to their data sheets; please order directly in your Spruce Settings.

  1. Yealink T53W $142 - (Built-in WiFi, Bluetooth enabled)
  2. Yealink T31G $75 - (Entry-level phone, no WiFi support)
  3. Yealink W73P $144 - (Cordless phone, no WiFi support)

To ensure the highest call quality, we strongly recommend using your Spruce VoIP phone with a hard-wired internet connection (ethernet.) However, some phones have WiFi included or require you to purchase the WiFi adaptor through us at the time of purchase ($30 additional.) Note the WiFi adaptor is not compatible with the cordless phone.

Using existing VoIP phones

While it may be possible to utilize desk phones not purchased through Spruce with the platform, we cannot guarantee compatibility. For specific inquiries regarding your existing devices, kindly reach out to the Spruce Support team for assistance.

Connecting your Spruce VoIP Phone

Once your phone arrives from Spruce, you should be able to plug in the phone to power + internet, and the phone will pull down the appropriate configuration from the Spruce platform. In other words, the phone should already be configured and ready to go without needing any manual configuration or setup. Once activated and connected properly, you'll see a Spruce logo appear on the screen and a dial tone when you pick it up. If you don't see this, the phone is not properly connected to the internet. 

We recommend connecting your VoIP phone via a wired connection. This video shows the process of setting up your phone with a wired connection.

Connecting via WiFi requires a WiFi adaptor, which should have been purchased along with your phones if needed and will be in the same box. To connect your phone to WiFi, go into the settings option → then go to “WiFi” → choose the “Scan” option → locate the network you’d like to join → select “Connect” → scroll down to the password and enter it in → select “Save” → then “Connect.” 

This video shows you the steps to connect your VoIP phone over a WiFi connection.

Lastly, your desk phone’s extension should be listed on the desk phone itself. For example, you might see 101 Phone 1. The extension is 101. If you need additional assistance connecting your VoIP phone, please reach out to us via the Spruce Support connections in-app or email us at support@sprucehealth.com.

Receiving inbound calls on VoIP Phones

To start receiving inbound calls on your VoIP phone, ensure the following

  1. You have the appropriate Phone Trees set up to ensure that calls are being routed to the correct individuals or teams.
  2. Your phone trees follow a schedule for after-hours and business hours.
  3. Your VoIP phones have been added to the appropriate Ring Groups or Numbers to Ring list if no phone tree is involved.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us in the Spruce Support thread within Spruce, or email us at support@sprucehealth.com

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