Secure Clinic-to-Clinic Communication

Introduction to Clinic-to-Clinic Communication on Spruce

Spruce allows you to securely message other clinics that also use the Spruce platform. This is useful for care coordination, securely sending patient records, patient referrals, and collaborating with colleagues who are not part of your organization. When you securely message another clinic on Spruce, the conversation appears in your inbox just as any other patient conversation would. You can also view only your external clinic conversations in the "Clinics on Spruce" Inbox List.

How to Start a Clinic Chat

  1. Ensure that the recipient has a clinic on Spruce already: You can currently only communicate with another clinic that is already on Spruce. If the clinic is not on Spruce, please ask them to create a new account by navigating to the sign up page.
  2. Send your Spruce link over email or SMS: Once the clinic you are trying to connect with is on Spruce, you can share your Spruce link with them over email or SMS. You can access your Spruce links from Settings > Secure Messaging.
  3. Recipient must be logged in when clicking on Spruce link: The receiving clinic should click on your Spruce Link while logged in to Spruce. They can click on this link on their desktop or on their smartphone. 

The video below walks through the process in detail:

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