Saved Messages


Introduction to saved messages

Access messages that you consistently send to patients by saving them and storing them in the app. You can then easily attach these saved messages to a new patient conversation and even share your templated messages with other teammates. Common use cases for saved messages include appointment and payment reminders or confirmations and intake questions. 

  • Saved messages can include attachments. This allows you to easily send frequently-shared documents with patients. When you create the saved message, you will elect to add an attachment, and it will send every time that saved message is selected. 
  • Saved messages don't need to be long. Think of them as snippets or short blurbs. You can combine several different saved messages to create a tailored message that addresses a patient's unique needs with just a few keystrokes.
  • Saved messages can be used and edited exclusively by you, or if you have teammates on Spruce, you can elect for the saved message to be visible to everyone on your team. 

Create a saved message 

There are three parts to a saved message:

1. Label: A tool for you to organize your saved message and remember the topic. This is not visible to the patient, e.g. Appointment_reminder

2. Message body: The message text that will deliver to the patient, e.g. Reminder, you have an upcoming appointment on...

  • You can add an attachment (photo, video, or PDF) when creating your saved message. When you select into the Message Body, you will see the paperclip icon. Select this icon to add a photo, video or PDF to your message body.

3. Designate as private vs shared: Applicable if you have multiple teammates on your account. This allows you to decide if the saved message is only visible/editable by you, or if anyone on the team can access it.

Create from Scratch 

  • From the web or the mobile app, select the gear icon at the bottom to view your settings. Select "Saved Messages" under the header "Workflows." Enter a title and compose your saved message in the Message Body. Select Save on the upper right hand corner. 
  • You may also access this setting from a conversation by tapping the saved message icon at the bottom of the compose bar, then selecting "Manage". 

Create from a message already sent 

  • On the mobile app, find a message you have sent that you want to save. Press down on the message for a few seconds and select "Save Message." Enter a title and compose your saved message in the Message Body. Select Save on the upper right hand corner. 
  • On the web, find a message you have sent that you want to save. Hover over the message and select the three vertical dots icon next to the message which will open Message Details. Select "Save Message" written in blue in the Message Details. Enter a title and compose your saved message in the Message Body. Select Save in the upper right hand corner. 

Tips on how to title your saved messages

Message recipients won't see the titles of your Saved Messages. We recommend that you give your saved messages descriptive titles and omit spaces to improve the in-line search function. 

  • For example, "AppointmentReminder" works better than "Appointment Reminder."

Send a saved message

There are two ways to populate a dropdown menu of all your saved messages.

Open up any existing patient conversation or start a new one, then: 

  • Type a space, then a period in the text box
  • Select the Speech Bubble Icon located under the text box

Select the saved message you'd like to use from the dropdown menu. The text of the saved message will appear in the compose area and any attachments that are part of the saved message will appear as message attachments. You can edit and add to the message before sending to the recipient.

Manage your saved messages

All your saved messages are available to browse, edit, and delete from your Settings. 

Select the gear icon to view your settings, and select Saved Messages. Search for the saved message you need, then:

  • From the web, select the pencil icon to edit the message. Or select the trash icon to delete the message. 
  • From the mobile app, click into the message and start typing in the message body to edit it. Select "delete message" in red at the bottom to delete it, and select Edit or Delete.

NOTE: Any teammate with access to a saved message can edit or delete it.

Examples of saved messages 

Here are some example saved messages that Spruce users are sending today! 

  • Hi XXX, We got your message with the refill request. This message is to confirm that Dr. XXX sent your prescription to XXXXXX as requested. 

  • Hi XXX, We have [ ]  appointments available every weekday morning to get your flu shot at our clinic. We are not able to offer appointments later in the day because our MAs are in appointments with patients. You can also get your flu shot at any local pharmacy if an alternate time or location is more convenient for you.

  • You can use goodrx at the pharmacy to reduce the cost of your medication. Just type in your medication on this website:

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