Custom Voicemail

One of the main benefits of Spruce is the ability to maintain a separate 'professional' voicemail greeting, distinct from the personal greeting that lives on your phone.

As a default, your Spruce account will be set up with a greeting that names your practice (as you've described in your Team Name) when you provision a Spruce Number:

“You have reached [Team Name]. Please leave a message after the tone.”

Patients hear this message in the following situations:

  • You have the ‘Send Calls to Voicemail’ toggle set to ON
  • You screen a call to your Spruce number and decide not to answer by hanging up
  • You miss a call to your Spruce number

If you'd like to customize this with a more personal message you can do so within the mobile Spruce app. Simply navigate to the menu, tap on your Spruce number to access Phone Settings, tap ‘Voicemail Greeting’, select 'Custom' to record your greeting of choice and select 'Save.'

All voicemails left by patients are logged in your Spruce inbox and available for playback at any time.

Advanced Voicemail Features

Spruce supports a range of more advanced voicemail features, including:

  • Phone tree which distinguishes between urgent and non-urgent messages
  • SMS alerts to on-call provider for urgent messages

Advanced voicemail features are included as part of our Communicator plan upgrade. If you would like to add this to your account, please message us via the Spruce Support conversation.

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