Conversation Filters

Introduction to Conversation Filters

All of your Spruce conversations are stored in filters. All of the filters you'll see when you sign into Spruce are listed below; your list may be different if the administrator of your account has created different defaults. Conversation Filters show you all the conversations that meet certain criteria, helping you organize your conversations and manage them efficiently. You can easily navigate between Conversation Filters to find conversations. And from the Spruce mobile app, you can control notifications for each Conversation Filter.

Administrators can now edit the filters their teammates see by navigating to Settings/Teammates and clicking on a specific teammate and selecting "Conversation Filters."

Please watch our 4-minute video on Conversation and Contact Filters Here.

Default Inbox Filters 


The All filter contains all unassigned and unarchived conversations. The conversations in the All Filter are shared and visible to everyone on your team who has access to this filter. They will remain in this Filter until they are either archived or assigned to someone on your team. We can also configure your account to not show this by default if you are a part of a group practice, just message us to let us know. This filter may appear labelled as Inbox or All depending on when you started using Spruce.

Assigned to Me* 

The Assigned to Me (formerly known as Mine folder) filter contains all unarchived conversations that have been assigned to you. This filter is unique to each person (what you see in your Assigned to Me filter is different than what a colleague sees in theirs). When a conversation is assigned, any replies within the conversation will only notify the assignee. When you archive a conversation, it will automatically be unassigned so that any future replies will appear in the All and can be managed by anyone on your team unless you have the message to auto-assign to you based on your settings for your number or Spruce Link. 

Conversations can be manually "assigned" or they can be automatically assigned based on phone number, spruce link, or even extensions on your phone-tree!

* Please note: The "Assigned to Me" Filter only appears after you have invited a teammate to join your practice. If you are a solo user you will not see this filter.


The Starred Filter contains all conversations you have starred for reference or follow-up. The Starred Filter is personal – it only shows the conversations you have starred, not conversations starred by teammates. Learn how to Star a conversation. Starring a conversation does not remove it from the All filter.


This filter may be used to compile your reminders, session notes, and more. Notes are internal-facing, meaning your patients won’t have access to them. To create a new note, just tap the + or pencil icon button.


This is your main conversation to reach Spruce Support. We also use this to send you helpful onboarding messages. To message support, just tap the “Message us” button at the top of your screen. The Spruce Support thread gives you access to live support; our business hours are 8am–8pm, Monday–Friday (Eastern Time) and you can alert us to an urgent matter at any time by messaging us the word URGENT.


The Archived Filter shows all conversations that have been archived. Note that when any team member archives a conversation, it is archived for the entire team. We recommend archiving conversations as a common practice to keep your conversations organized. Learn more about archiving conversations.

Custom Conversation Filters

In addition to the default filters provided, you also have the option to create custom Filters. Filters can also be reordered or removed if you find yourself using some more than others. For example, if you are one of multiple providers/teammates on your Spruce account and you each tag your own patients with your name you could create a filter that will show you all patients tagged with your name. Please note, when you create a filter it is just created for you, not everyone on your team. You can share filters by clicking the edit button on the filter and copying the filter link. Admins can also add or remove filters for their teammates. When setting up a filter you will see there are numerous possible criteria you can use to narrow down your results to exactly the conversations you want to see! Select the criteria you'd like to filter by including  Conversation Types, Spruce Links, Phone Numbers, Fax Numbers, Assignment, Tag rules and Additional options. For example, if you select "Patient Secure Message" under "Conversation Types," then you'll only see messages from patients who have created a Spruce account.

Creating Conversation Filters

Create a Tag Based Conversation Filter 

1. Scroll to the bottom of the default "Inbox"  and select "+ Create Filter".

2. Enter the name of your Filter under  "Filter Name". 

3. If you'd like to see conversations with a specific tag in this filter, select that tag under  "Conversation must be tagged with." You can read more about tagging here.

4. If you'd like to see conversations with contacts with a specific tag in this filter, select that tag under  "Contact must be tagged with."

5. If you'd like to see conversations with a specific tag or that belong to a contact that has a specific tag, select that tag under "Conversation or contact must be tagged with."

6. Once you save your filter, you can choose the order of your existing filters by selecting the three vertical dots next to your filter on your mobile device.

This video walks you through the different possibilities for tag based filters!

Assignment Based Conversation Filter 

Your "Assigned to Me" filter is a standard part of the inbox for users who are part of a team. This filter shows conversations assigned to you. If you are covering for a teammate you can create a filter showing conversations assigned to them! To do this select "Create New Inbox Filter," give it a name, and scroll down to "Assignment;" select "Assigned to..." and you will be able to select the team or teammate whose conversations you need to view. If you're interested in moving conversations out of your All Inbox and into specific folders you can accomplish this with assignment! For example, if you want conversations involving scheduling to only appear in a "Assigned to Scheduling" folder, instead of showing in the All Inbox, you would follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Settings/Teams and create a Team called Scheduling
  2. Add relevant team members to the Scheduling Team; anyone on this team will have this filter in their Inbox, giving them access to conversations "assigned to Scheduling."
  3. You will see that the "Assigned to Scheduling" filter has been added to the inbox of all team members
  4. Select conversations to assign to this team and go to Actions/Assign and choose Scheduling
  5. These conversations will disappear from the general inbox and appear in the "Assigned to Scheduling" filter for teammates who have this filter.

This video shows how to set up assignment based filters:

Edit an existing Conversation Filter 

Select the three vertical dots icon next to the Filter name and select "Edit" on the drop-down menu that appears. Make your edits to the parameters of the existing Filter, and select Save 

Delete an existing Conversation Filter 

Select the three vertical dots icon next to the Filter name and select "Delete" on the drop-down menu that appears. This Filter will no longer show up in your list.. 

Share an existing Conversation Filter with a teammate

You can share a Custom Filters that you created with a teammate so that they don't have to manually re-create the filter on their own account. 

1. Select the three vertical dots icon to the right to the filter name and if  on mobile select "Copy Link"  and if on web "Copy Filter Link". 

2. Navigate to Team tab, and either open an existing conversation with the teammate(s) you want to share this with, or select to create a new conversation with the teammate(s).

3. Click in the compose bar of the team message to see "Paste, Undo, Redo" select "Paste" to paste the copied link. Send your message.

4. When your teammate selects the link, the Filter you created will open for them and they can elect to "Save" it to their account.

For Administrators: Edit Teammates' Filters

Admins can now edit their teammates' filters. This can be useful when setting up a new teammate or helping someone organize their inbox more successfully. 

  1. Go to Settings>Teammates and select the teammate whose inbox you want to make changes to.
  2. Click on "Conversation Filters" under the Manage heading.
  3. At the top of the page you will see an option to copy filters from another teammate. This is helpful if you want this teammate to have the same setup as someone else on your team.
  4. You can also "Create Inbox Filter;" this allows you to create a new filter using the same steps you see above, with the difference that this will appear for your teammate and not for yourself.
  5. You can also remove filters that are listed or drag them into a different order.

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