Hint Integration

Hint Health is a membership management & billing software. The Spruce-Hint integration allows patients added to Hint to be automatically added to Spruce as a contact. This integration includes automatic updates between platforms, so patient information is added or updated in one system with an update in the other. Please note this is available on the Communicator plan.

Customizing your Spruce <> Hint Integration

When we connect your Hint account to Spruce, we will import all Hint patients as contacts into Spruce. This is a new addition to the integration, and now if you have multiple conversations with a patient, all of them will be linked to Hint. If a patient or a provider has been in contact prior to them signing up in Hint, the contact will still sync from Hint into Spruce and update the unsaved contact with the new information from Spruce. Should you see it, it shows up as "Multiple Matching Contacts," please see this article here to read more about how to remedy it. 

Demographic syncing: All demographic information will be synced to the patient's contact in Spruce, including name, phone number, email address, date of birth, and gender. If you also have Elation integration, it will import from Hint. Any contact information updated in Hint or Spruce updates the other system. This feature is on by default but can also be turned off.

New patients syncing to Spruce. When your new patient is added to Hint, the system can automatically create a new conversation in Spruce with that patient. You can choose from the following options: 

  1. Do not create a new conversation with the patient
  2. Create a new standard conversation (phone) with the patient (default)
    1. Should you choose this, the integration will use the first Spruce number on your account and the patient's first number should they have more than one number imported into
  3. Create a new Note conversation with the patient

Tag syncing: All Hint-related tags (provider, membership, location, group, employer, plan) are synced to the contact and conversation as a default but can also be turned off only to be the contact that is tagged. If you would like provider tags to come over automatically, you will need to message Team Support with the tag you would like per provider.  

Integrate Your Hint to Spruce

  1. Navigate to your Hint account via this link
  2. Select Integrate with Spruce Health and then Connect with Spruce Health (this will redirect you to the Spruce website automatically).
  3. Log in to your Spruce account on the web.
  4. In Spruce, open Settings, and under the My Clinic section, select Integrations
  5. Look under Integrations, and if the integration was successful, you should see an option to select Hint Dashboard. If unsuccessful, it will say Connect to Hint, so select that button, and it will bring you to Hint to log in, and you should be connected!
  6. Next, our team will be notified, connect and send a message once complete. Please give us 1-2 days from when you connect to when the integration should be completed. 

Linking patients to Hint is the concept of connecting your patients from Spruce to Hint or as we say, linking. This process should be mostly automated when your Hint account is initially integrated to your Spruce account. To start, you must make sure your integration has been turned on. Sometimes you will need to manually link your patients, so that is what we are going to share below. Linking happens at the contact level instead of conversation, so you only need to link each patient once instead of per conversation. You can link a patient by clicking the contact either from the Contacts tab or within a conversation. Linking can only be done on the web version of Spruce. 

  1. Select the patient's contact in Spruce to open the contact card.
  2. Scroll down to Integrations and select Link Contact to EHR.
  3. Select Hint from the drop-down menu.
  4. Search for the patient by the name or ID number used for that patient in Hint. This search must have the full first or last name in order to pull up the patient. It is not case-sensitive.
  5. Once the correct chart appears, select it and verify that the information from Hint matches the information you have in Spruce.
  6. Select Establish Link to connect the Hint account with the Spruce contact.

Watch this video to see this in action.

To remove a link, follow the above instructions, and when under Integrations, hover over the integration you want to unlink, and you will see it will say "Remove Link" when you are hovered over. 

Spruce <> Hint Integrations Best Practices

Gaining efficiency through tagging

Tagging is at the core of the Spruce Hint integration. Once you have integrated Spruce with Hint, tags are automatically applied to patient conversations in Spruce to reflect their information in Hint. These tags allow you to organize your patient panel and automate processes within your practice. 

The following tags are automatically applied:

  • Plan name: E.g., HintPlan_Retail
  • Membership status: E.g., HintStatus_Active, HintStatus_Inactive, HintStatus_Pending
  • Employer name: E.g., HintEmployer_DeftBrewingCo
  • Location: Associate patients with Locations (e.g., San_Francisco_Clinic) as part of Location Groups (e.g., California). This is particularly helpful if you are part of a group practice that is growing its footprint regionally.
  • Provider: Associate patients with their provider (e.g., DrJones). This is helpful if you want to be able to sort contacts on Spruce by Provider.

Based on these tags, Spruce can turn on a series of Automated Workflows that maximize the benefits of the Spruce-Hint integration. 

Workflow: Auto-invitation text

When a patient is added to Hint, a Standard Conversation can be created in Spruce. This Workflow allows you to automatically send a personalized text message to patients based on specific Hint tags. For example:

  • Automatically send a message inviting active members to download the Spruce app based on their active membership tags. 
  • Automatically send a message inviting active members from a specific employer to download the Spruce app with a personalized message based on their employer and active membership tags. 
  • Automatically send a message inviting active members from a specific practice location to download the Spruce app based on their location and active membership tags.

Setting up this Workflow:

If you are interested in setting up this Workflow, please compose the text message you would like to automate and send it to Spruce Support. Include the Hint tags you would like as triggers for the automated text. For example, if you want it to send by membership status, HintStatus_Active; by plan name, HintPlan_ExamplePlan; by the employer, HintEmployer_ExampleEmployer.

You can contact Team Spruce from the app email at support@sprucehealth.com.

Bulk Messaging by Tags

Bulk messaging on Spruce is made simple using tags. 

For example, you can send a message to all active members, all inactive members, all paid members, etc. Read more about Bulk Messaging here.   

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