Spruce Invoicing

Understanding your Spruce invoice

Spruce automatically bills you for the number of users (teammates) in your account on a monthly basis. If you have 2 users in your account, on the Communicator Plan (read more about plans here), then you will be billed $49/user/month x 2 = $98/month.

If you add a user (teammate) in the middle of a billing period, then you will be billed for prorated charges for the newly added user for the remainder of the billing period. For instance, let’s say your billing period starts on the 1st of each month, and you added a new user 5 days before the next billing cycle on Jan 26. You will see an invoice for the new user on Jan 26 for 5 days of usage, and then another invoice on Feb 1 for the full amount for the Feb 1 - March 1 billing period. 

Similarly, if you remove a user from your practice, then the Spruce system will automatically adjust your invoice to remove the user from your bill and only bill you for the user up to and including the day they were removed from your practice. The invoice in the following billing period will also reflect the updated number of users in your account. So, in the month where you remove a user, you may see two invoices - one on the day of the removal, and another that is your regular invoice at the start of your billing period.

The invoice is delivered to the billing email address registered to your Spruce account. If you need to update your payment method or billing email address, please follow the instructions here. You can find this email address if you log into Spruce on web version and go to your Billing tab. 

To find old invoices search your email inbox of the email address where you receive bills. You can search appmailer@sprucehealth.com as that is who the invoice is sent from or "Spruce Health" to find your Spruce invoices. If you still can't find them please email support@sprucehealth.com

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