Saved Messages


Introduction to saved messages

Select from your most commonly used messages without having to repeatedly type the same thing over and over. Anything you send on a regular basis can be saved for future use, making common topics like appointment reminders, appointment confirmations, payment reminders, and more much easier to manage. 

Good things to know about saved messages:

  • Saved messages can include attachments, so they're great for sending out frequently-shared documents with patients. Add the attachment when you originally create the saved message, and it will be attached every time that saved message is used.
  • Saved messages don't need to be long. Think of them as snippets or short blurbs. You can combine several to create a tailored message that addresses a patient's unique needs with just a few keystrokes.
  • Saved messages that you create can be kept private for your own use or shared with your teammates so everyone in your clinic can edit and use them. We love sharing saved messages with your team so everyone benefits. 

Create a saved message

From the mobile app

NOTE: Saved Messages on mobile can only be created from messages that have been sent in the past.  If the message you want to save has never been sent before, create an internal Team Conversation and draft and send the message before moving on.

  1. Find a message you have sent in the past that you'd like to save.
  2. Press and hold on the message.
  3. Select Save Message from the menu that appears.
  4. Enter a title, and decide if the message should be available for your teammates to use.
  5. Select Save in the upper right corner. 

From the web

There are three ways to create a new saved message from the web.

From a message you've already sent:

  1. Find the message you have sent in the past that you'd like to save.
  2. Click the Three Vertical Dots next to the date of the message.
  3. Select Save Message from the menu.
  4. Enter a title, and decide if the message should be available for your teammates to use. 
  5. Select Save.

From the Speech Bubble icon:

  1. Open a conversation. From the Compose Bar, select the Speech Bubble icon.
  2. Select Create from the menu that appears.
  3. Enter your title and message, and check the box if you want others on your team to have access.
  4. Select Save.

From the Settings page:

  1. Select the Gear Icon to open your Settings and select Saved Messages.
  2. Select Create from the upper right.
  3. Enter your title and message, and check the box if you want others on your team to have access.
  4. Select Save.

NOTE: Saved messages can be private to you or shared with your team for everyone to use. Share your saved message by toggling Save to Team to ON (blue) from the mobile app, or by checking the "Allow anyone..." checkbox from the web. This will allow everyone on your team to use the saved message. If you do not toggle this option on, only you will be able to find and use the saved message you created.

Send a saved message

Once you open a conversation and start typing in the Compose Bar, saved messages can be inserted in two ways: 

  1. Type a space, then a period, which will bring up a menu of all available saved messages.
  2. Or select the Speech Bubble Icon to bring up the same menu.

Select the saved message you'd like to use from the list. The text of the saved message will appear in the compose area, and any attachments that are part the saved message will appear as attachments. You can then edit and add to the message before sending to the recipient.

TIP: Give your saved messages descriptive titles with no spaces so they are easier to search with using the space+period command later (for example, AppointmentReminder works better than Appointment Reminder). Don't worry, your recipient won't see your title.

Manage your saved messages

All your saved messages are available to browse, edit, and delete from your Settings

  1. Select the Gear Icon on the web or the Person Icon from the mobile app to open your Settings
  2. Select Saved Messages
  3. Search for the saved message you need, then:
    1. From the web or an Android phone, select the Three Vertical Dots to the right of the message, then select Edit or Delete.
    2. From an iPhone, swipe left on the message, and select Edit or Delete.

NOTE: Any teammate with access to a saved message can edit or delete it.

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