Contact Filters


Introduction to Contact Filters

Spruce enables you to save a HIPAA-compliant professional contact list within the Spruce app that is separate from your personal contact list but still accessible from your cell phone. A new contact may be created in Spruce in several ways:

  • A person calls or texts your Spruce number (and their phone number doesn't already exist in your Spruce contact list)
  • You manually created a new contact 
  • A person selected your Spruce Link and created a secure Spruce account (and they didn't have an existing contact in Spruce)

Once a contact is created, you can use filters to organize all contacts on your account. The purpose of this article is to explain the default Contact Filters, and to give you an understanding of why you might choose to make additional filters to help manage your Spruce contacts. 

Please watch our 4-minute video on Contact and Conversation Filters.

Default Contact Filters 


As you might imagine, the "All" filter encompasses every contact on your Spruce account. The list of contacts will appear in alphabetical order––if a contact does not have a name associated with it, and only a phone number, this contact will show up at the bottom of the "All" filter.


When you create a new contact on Spruce, there are two designations: Patient and Professional. A professional contact might include another provider or a pharmacy. The "Patients" filter will show ALL contacts that were saved as a Patient contact, as opposed to a professional contact.

Patients Invited 

This filter will capture all patient contacts that have been invited to create secure accounts, but who haven't yet accepted their invitations. This is a good filter to monitor to better understand how many patients you may need to follow up with. 

Patients on Spruce 

This filter will capture all patient contacts that have secure patient accounts. 

Clinics on Spruce 

This filter will capture all clinic contacts on Spruce, i.e., any saved contact that has another Spruce Phone Number saved as their primary contact number.

Unsaved Contacts

This filter will capture demographic information: phone number or emails that have not been formally saved as contacts. For example, a prospective client may have found your number on your website, and called you––this would have created an unsaved contact for them in Spruce associated with their phone number. You can edit an unsaved contact and designate whether this is a patient or professional contact and add the name of the person, then select Save. 

Custom Contact Filters

In addition to the default contact filters provided, you also have the option to create custom Contact Filters. Contact Filters will be most useful if you utilize Contact Tagging, because you can create a list that captures all Contacts with a given tag. For example, if you are one of multiple providers on your Spruce account and you each tag your own patients with your name you could create a contact filter that will show you all patients tagged with your name. 

Create a new Contact Filter 

1. Name your filter, for example "Patients on Spruce tagged with Diabetic".  

2. Elect to add Contact Tags. For example, add tag "Diabetic" to capture Contacts with a "Diabetic" Contact Tag. 

3. Identify Contact Type. By default, all will be selected.  If you want this filter to ONLY list Patient Contacts then de-select Professional and Clinic. 

4. Choose Patient Invite Status. By default, all will be selected. If you want this filter to ONLY list Patient Contacts who have already created a secure Spruce account, then de-select 'Invited but hasn't joined' and 'Not invited'. 

5. Select Gender. By default, all will be selected. If you want this filter to not specify Patient Gender, then leave all options selected. If you want this filter to ONLY list Patient Contacts who identify as a Female, de-select the other options. 

Edit an existing Contact Filter 

Select the three vertical dots icon next to the Contact Filter name and select "Edit" on the drop-down menu that appears. Make your edits to the existing Contact Filter, and select Save. 

Delete an existing Contact Filter 

Select the three vertical dots icon next to the Contact Filter name and select "Delete" on the drop-down menu that appears. This Contact Filter will no longer show up in your list of Contact Filters. 

Share an existing Contact Filter with a teammate

You can share a Custom Contact Filter that you created with a teammate so that they don't have to manually re-create the filter on their own account. 

1. Select the three vertical dots icon next to the Contact Filter name and select "Copy Link" on the drop-down menu that appears.

2. Navigate to 'Team', and either open an existing conversation with the teammate(s) you want to share this with, or elect to create a new conversation with the teammate(s).

3. Click in the compose bar of the team message to see "Paste, Undo, Redo" select "Paste" to paste the copied link. Send your message.

4. When your teammate selects the link, the Custom Filter you created will open for them and they can elect to "Save" it to their account.

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