Admin Controls


Admin Privileges on Spruce

Admin users on Spruce are now able to configure their teammates! As an admin user you are able to set up a phone number and spruce link for a teammate as well as edit their Conversation and Contact Filters! This allows you to manage how your teammates are using Spruce and gives you the ability to do some of the basic troubleshooting when they have difficulties!

By going to Settings/Teammates and selecting one of your teammates you will see this set of options under manage.

Teammates Personal Preferences

Under Personal Preferences you are able to change the default "from" for your teammate. You may want to configure a direct number or direct spruce link for your teammate. Read more about personal preferences in this article! To learn more about configuring phone numbers and spruce links read more here and watch this video!

Teammates Conversation Filters

When you select Conversation Filters you'll see the list of filters that your teammate sees under their Inbox tab. Conversation Filters allow you to see a group of conversations filtered by assignment, tag, phone number, spruce link or any number of combinations of these criteria! You can edit these filters by selecting the three vertical dots and choosing 'edit.' You can also drag them into a different order, add new filters or copy filters from a teammate. This article gives you more information on using Conversation Filters!

Teammates Contact Filters

Similarly you can edit your teammates' Contact Filters! Contact Filters allow you to see a group of contacts filtered by tags or by type (clinic, professional or patient), or by whether or not that contact has the Spruce app. This article will give you more information on Contact Filters!

Clinic Preferences

You can edit the Conversation Tags, Contact Tags and Custom Fields for Contacts under the Clinic Preferences tab in Settings. Here is a short video showing you how to bulk edit tags for your practice!

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