Admins on Spruce

Who is an Admin and what can they do?

The first person to join Spruce in your account is designated an admin by default. The following actions in your Spruce organization are restricted to any teammate designated as an Admin:

  1. Invite new teammates
  2. Remove teammates from your account
  3. Promote other teammates to be an admin
  4. Manage Teams
  5. View all Contacts
  6. Manage billing information, including plan selection
  7. Manage teammates' account setups
  8. Delete contact and conversation tags in bulk
  9. Manage the default set of custom fields for contacts
  10. Manage the profile for your organization
  11. Provision and manage all phone numbers in the account
  12. Provision additional Spruce Links
  13. Manage Contact and Conversation tag library
  14. Delete Organization's Spruce Account
  15. View / Manage Scheduled Messages
  16. Set up backup system notifications

Invite new teammates

  • Invite Teammates using their Personal Cell Phone Numbers NOT their direct Spruce Lines. 
  • To invite a teammate from the web version of Spruce, open your Settings by selecting the Gear Icon on the home screen. Select Teammates, and then click the Invite Teammates button in the upper right-hand corner.
  • On the Spruce mobile app, open your Settings. Then select Teammates, and click on the "+" icon in the upper right-hand corner.
  • Enter your teammate's email address and mobile phone number and select Invite.

Teammate Invite Experience

  • Inviting a teammate automatically generates an email from Spruce ( that will say, "You've been invited to join [Practice Name], and a button that says "Accept Invite".  New teammates should wait to receive this email and select Accept Invite either on mobile or their computer. If they do not see this email, please have them search Spruce,, or check their spam folder. They cannot join your practice as a teammate by downloading the app directly from the app store. See the image below. 

Remove teammates

Only Administrators have the ability to remove teammates from your account. If you are an Administrator please refer to these instructions for removing a teammate and transferring their resources to another team or teammate.

Promote other teammates to Admin status

An admin can promote other teammates to Admin status. Follow these steps to change a teammate's Administrator status:

  1. Log in to Spruce and navigate to your Settings.
  2. Select Teammates.
  3. Select the three-vertical-dot menu icon to the right of a teammate's name if you're on the web, or click directly on their name if you're on your phone to show the option to promote or demote a teammate to and from Administrator status.

Please note that only Administrators can promote and demote other teammates to and from Administrator status. If you need help changing who is an Administrator on your account, please message our Support team through the app. 

View All Contacts

Admins on Spruce can view and edit all contacts in the organization. Admins do not need to be added as members to contacts if your organization is using Contact Membership, and Contact Membership settings will not affect an admin's ability to view or edit a contact in the organization.

Managing teammates with Teams Feature 

Teams allow you to group together multiple teammates so that they can be paged as a group, assigned conversations, receive calls, and view all of the same inboxes/filters at the same time. For example, you might have multiple front desk staff members who should be receiving the same notifications. You can easily accomplish this by making them all part of one Team called "Front Desk Staff." This previously was called "User Groups". 

When someone is added to a Team, they will automatically have a Team mailbox added to their Inbox view. For example, someone added to the Team "Front Desk Staff" would see a mailbox called "Assigned to Front Desk Staff." Conversations assigned to the team would appear in that mailbox!

Teammates can belong to multiple "Teams", and Administrators of your organization on Spruce can add and delete teammates from these "Teams". Manage your groups in your Settings under Teams. Please note that this option will appear only once you have added teammates to your Spruce account. Learn more about alerting and paging members in a team.

Everyone can view a list of your current Teams on the Teams tab in your Settings, but only Administrators can make changes to the Teams. 

If you are an Administrator on your Spruce account, you can:

  • Create new Teams.
  • Add and remove members from existing Teams.
  • Rename existing Teams.

To create a new Team: 

  • Select Teams in your settings.
  • Select the "+" icon on your phone or click the "Create New Team" button on the web.
  • Choose the name of your Team and select "Save," if you're on your phone. 
  • Choose the members you'd like to add and select "Save."

Manage account setups for teammates

Admin users on Spruce can configure their teammates' setups. As an admin user, you are able to set up a phone number and spruce link for a teammate as well as edit their Conversation and Contact Filters! This allows you to manage how your teammates are using Spruce and give you the ability to do some of the basic troubleshooting when they have difficulties!

By going to Settings/Teammates and selecting one of your teammates, you will see this set of options under manage.

Personal Preferences

Under Personal Preferences, you are able to change the default "from" for your teammate. You may want to configure a direct number or direct spruce link for your teammate. Read more about personal preferences in this article! To learn more about configuring phone numbers and spruce links, read more here and watch this video!

Teammates Conversation Filters

When you select Conversation Filters, you'll see the list of filters that your teammate sees under their Inbox tab. Conversation Filters allow you to see a group of conversations filtered by assignment, tag, phone number, spruce link, or any number of combinations of these criteria! You can edit these filters by selecting the three vertical dots and choosing 'edit.' You can also drag them into a different order, add new filters or copy filters from a teammate. This article gives you more information on using Conversation Filters!

Teammates Contact Filters

Similarly, you can edit your teammates' Contact Filters! Contact Filters allow you to see a group of contacts filtered by tags or by type (clinic, professional or patient), or by whether ornot that contact has the Spruce app. This article will give you more information on Contact Filters!

Manage Contact and Conversation tag library

You can edit the Conversation Tags, Contact Tags, and Custom Fields for Contacts under the Organization Preferences tab in Settings. Below is a short video showing you how to bulk edit tags for your practice. Note that everyone can see the tags under Organization Preferences, but only the admin can delete the tags from the library.

Delete Organization's Spruce Account

Admin users on Spruce are the only users with the ability to fully delete the organization's Spruce account. The organization's account cannot be deleted if there are active phone numbers associated with the account. The admin must first contact Spruce Support and ask that these numbers be removed. Once the numbers are removed, the account users will not be able to use Spruce to make or receive phone calls or SMS messages. There is no guarantee that numbers can be retrieved after they are released, even if the organization seeks to reactivate the account. 

Once the numbers have been removed, the admin will need to navigate to Settings > Organization Preferences and select Delete Organization. Once this action is taken, everyone in the organization will lose access to their account. All users will receive an email confirming the deletion of the organization. Admins will have a URL in the email to cancel account deletion and restore the account. There will be a date communicated in the email until when the org can be restored, after which the data will be permanently deleted. If an admin does initiate restoration, there is no guarantee that the account will be restored in the same state, and it may not be possible to reclaim the same phone numbers previously provisioned.

What if all admins have left the organization?

You might find yourself in a situation where all teammates designated as Admin in your Spruce account have left your organization. In this case, it is important that you try one of the following to regain control of your account:

  1. Contact the old Admin to have them log in and promote an active teammate to Admin status. This is the best way to regain access to your account.
  2. Please message into Team Spruce (Settings, Message us) if you cannot get ahold of them for us to give you an option. For example, if their Spruce login is with a company email, you can request a password reset and then check their old email. We cannot guarantee that we can help, but we will do our very best to validate the authenticity of the request and find ways to verify the appropriate teammate to promote to Admin status.

Private Conversations with Spruce Support

In some cases, admin users desire to have private conversations with Spruce Support through the Spruce interface. This is possible by sending us a message using a private Spruce Link. You can read more about creating and managing the membership of Spruce links here. This video will walk you through the process of starting a private conversation with our team!

What can admins access?

By default, all Spruce team members, including admins, have access to all conversations and contacts in the organization.

If your organization is using conversation membership to limit access to conversations, then admins must be a member of a given conversation in order to access it. This does not apply to contacts, however, as admins on Spruce can view and edit all contacts in the organization, even if contact membership is in use.

Learn more about:

View / Manage Scheduled Messages

You can read more about scheduled messages here.

  1. Admins can view scheduled messages created by any teammate
  2. Admins can delete scheduled messages created by any teammate
  3. Admins can NOT edit scheduled messages created by any teammate

Setting Up the Backup System

To opt-in to receive email and SMS notifications in the event of a system outage, navigate to your Spruce settings, then select "Backup System," then "Set Up Backup System Notifications." From there, you can select notification type (only email or email and SMS) and enter the email addresses/phone numbers of those that should receive the notifications.

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