Introduction to Archiving Conversations

Archiving a conversation when you are done working on it removes it from everyone's view to help keep a clean and organized inbox.

When any person archives a conversation in Spruce, it is globally removed from the Inbox filters for every member of your team. When there is any new activity in the archived conversation, it will automatically return to the Inbox and appropriate filters for everyone to see.

Conversations that have been archived remain accessible in the Archived Filter or by searching for the conversation.

If an archived conversation contains an unresolved Page, the conversation will remain in the Pages filter for the relevant teammate until the Page is resolved. The same is true for archived conversations you have starred: they will remain in your starred filter until you remove the star.

Archived Filter

To see all of the currently archived conversations, you can navigate to your Archived Filter. On web, click on the "Inbox" panel on the left-hand side of the screen to expand all your filters. Then, click on the "Archived" filter. On mobile, navigate to your inbox, then click on the dropdown on the top of the screen to pull up all of your conversation lists. From there, you'll be able to select the Archived Filter.

Archiving and unarchiving from the web

To archive a conversation on the web, select the archive icon (looks like a box with an arrow) in the top right corner of the conversation. You can always unarchive the patient conversation on the web by selecting the archive icon again. 

You can also archive from the main inbox. Just select the dropdown to the right of the conversation from the inbox, the drop down menu looks like 3 vertical small dots, and then choose the archive option.

Archiving and unarchiving from the mobile app

To archive a conversation on your mobile app, navigate into the conversation and then select the information icon (which looks like an "i" in the top right of your screen). This will bring you to the Conversation Details, where you'll be able to archive the conversation using the archive icon, shown below.

You can also swipe left on any conversation from the inbox and then select the archive icon.

To unarchive the patient conversation, please select the archive icon again. 

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