Internet Calling on Spruce


Spruce is excited to offer Internet Calling as a new way to make and receive calls on the Spruce iOS app (Android and web coming later). With Internet Calling, calls will connect entirely over the internet without using mobile phone minutes. Other benefits of Internet Calling are:

  • Granular Caller ID configuration: You can configure the caller ID for incoming calls to display the full name or phone number of the caller so that you know who is calling before answering the call. If you’re concerned about patient information being displayed on your incoming call screen, you can configure the caller ID to display partial information (default) or no caller ID. 
  • No need to press 1 to answer an incoming call on your smartphone: You can simply answer the call to be directly connected to the caller. 
  • Improved outbound calling experience: When making an outbound call, you will no longer call an intermediary number to connect to the patient. Instead, the outbound call will directly connect you to the recipient in the Spruce app while displaying your Spruce phone number on their caller ID.
  • Easily navigate to the contact or conversation while on a call: When you make or receive a Spruce call, you’ll have quick actions from the in-progress call screen to navigate to the conversation or contact. 
  • International virtual assistants can place calls from your Spruce Number: Unlike calls placed through Spruce using the cell network, Internet Calling does not require a US cell phone number to be associated with the mobile phone placing the outbound call. 

How to configure your iPhone for Internet Calling

Please contact Spruce Support to express your interest in Internet Calling on the Spruce iOS app. This feature is currently being rolled out as a limited release on iOS while we work to ensure that the experience works well for everyone.

Please ensure that you’re on iOS app version 4.4.8 and above. You can check the app version you’re on by navigating to Settings within the Spruce app and checking the app version at the bottom of the Settings screen.

Once Internet Calling is turned on for your organization, each teammate in the organization will need to configure their network preferences to Internet Calling as follows:

  1. On your iPhone, navigate to Settings > Personal Preferences > Devices and Numbers to Ring. On the “Devices and Numbers to Ring” screen, tap on Edit > Change Network Preference and switch your network preference to Internet Calling. 
  2. Make sure that the “Numbers to Ring” list for your Spruce phone number is configured to ring you as a Teammate and not your cell phone number. If you use phone trees, then make sure that your Ring Groups are configured to ring you as a Teammate.
  3. Any call that you make or receive will be configured for Internet Calling moving forward.

Here’s a quick demo of the instructions above

Current limitations

  • Adding and merging calls is currently not supported and will be coming soon
  • Direct and warm call transfer support is also coming soon

Things to note

  • We’re continuing to develop the Internet Calling experience on iOS and will be releasing updates to it over the coming months. If you have any feedback or questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us via Team Spruce in app or
  • We plan to roll out Internet Calling to the Spruce Android app in the coming weeks. If you’re interested in Internet Calling on Android, please let us know and we’ll be in touch when it’s available.
  • Internet Calling from the Spruce Desktop app and web experience is our next highest priority. If you’re interested in the web experience, please let us know.

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