Secure Conversations

Spruce app-to-app messaging is known as secure conversations. These conversations are HIPAA-compliant and enable you to engage in more advanced forms of digital care by requiring the patient to download the patient-facing mobile Spruce app.

All communication that occurs in a Secure Conversation is app-to-app, meaning that messages you send to your patient are only accessible to the patient through the Spruce app. At this time, the patient-facing Spruce app is only available to patients who have iPhones or Android phones.

How to invite a patient to a secure conversation on Spruce

  1. Tap on the '+' icon on the home screen
  2. Select 'Secure Conversation'
  3. Enter your patient’s contact information and create the conversation

An invitation to download the Spruce app will automatically be sent to your patient’s mobile phone number or email address.

After sending an invite, many practices write a quick note in the patient thread to say "Welcome" and introduce the utility of the Spruce app.

How does a patient receive your invitation to a secure conversation?

Depending on what contact information is entered when the secure conversation is created, your patient will receive an SMS or an email containing a link that will provide instructions on how to download the mobile Spruce app. Once they have the app installed on their phone, they are automatically 'paired' with your practice.

The “Hasn’t Created an Account” banner at the top of the conversation screen will disappear once your patient has successfully downloaded the Spruce app and created their account.

If your patient is having trouble accepting your invite, try sharing this article with them.

Transitioning patients from a standard conversation to a secure conversation

If you'd like to transition a patient from standard to secure messaging, invite them to join a secure conversation by clicking on the three dots in the upper right corner of your standard conversation thread and select "Invite to Secure Conversation".

An invitation to download the Spruce app will automatically be sent to the contact information on file and a new secure conversation thread will be created.

Interested in getting your panel onboard without individually adding each patient?

Please contact us via in-app Spruce Support so we can get you set up with a unique Practice Link.

Attachments & Video Calling In Secure Conversations

Secure Conversations enable you to send a number of different attachments to your patients as well as initiate secure video calls with them.

  • Video calls - tap the video icon in the upper right of the screen to begin a video call.
  • Photo / Video - take a photo / video or upload one from your phone / computer
  • PDF - securely send PDF files to patients. PDFs can only be sent from the Spruce web app.
  • Spruce Visits - Adaptive clinical questionnaires that can be used for new patient intake, remote management of routine conditions, and/or follow-up.
  • Care Plans -  Equip patients with care plans they can refer back to as questions arise. Care plans can only be created through the Spruce Web app.
  • Payment Requests - enable you to bill and collect payments from patients. 

Just drag and drop compatible file types into the compose bar on the web app or add them with the + button on the mobile app.

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