Contacting the Spruce Support Team


Support hours

The Spruce Support team is online to help you from 8am-8pm EST, Monday-Friday. During this time, you can expect a reply by the end of the next business day for most requests. For business-critical issues, we strive to respond within two hours.

Examples of business-critical issues:

  • Phone system outage (inability to make or receive any calls)
  • Inability to access your Spruce account 
  • HIPAA breach concern

We understand many of our customers use Spruce outside of these hours. After hours, you can generally expect a reply by the end of the next business day for most requests. However, we monitor our system on nights and weeks to ensure we can respond should a rare business-critical issue occur. 

How to contact Spruce Support

Contact us through the Spruce app

If you're a provider using the Spruce app, the best way to reach our team is through your  Spruce Support conversation. Search your Spruce inbox for Spruce Support to locate the thread. Here you can easily exchange messages with our team.

Contact us by phone

You can call the Spruce Support team at 1-608-422-4565 and leave the team a voicemail. Please include the best call back number in your message if it is a different number from the one you are calling from.

Contact us by email

If you do not have the Spruce app, if you cannot access your app for any reason, or if you are a patient using Spruce, please email the team at If you reach via email and have access to your Spruce App we may respond in your Spruce Support conversation to keep all correspondence as secure as possible.

Troubleshooting guidance

To help resolve any issues you report, our Support team may ask you for screenshots or conversation links so we can gather more information. 


Take screenshots on your mobile device or web browser, and save them as image or PDF files. Send your screenshots through the Spruce Support conversation by selecting the Plus (+) Icon at the bottom and selecting Photo, Video, or PDF

Conversation links

To provide a conversation link, open the conversation and select the  Three Vertical Dots Icon in the top right corner. Select Copy Conversation Link. Then paste the link into a message and send it in the Spruce Support thread. 

How to check what version of Spruce you have downloaded:

iPhone: Navigate to your Spruce Settings by selecting the icon in the upper left hand corner. Scroll to the bottom of the settings page and note the version listed below the "Sign Out" button. 

Android: On your device, navigate to "apps & notifications." Find the Spruce App and select "Advance." Scroll to the bottom of the settings and note the version listed beneath "App details."

We've stocked the Spruce Help Center with articles like this one that help you find the information you need. For help at any hour of any day, please bookmark and use the search bar to find answers to all your FAQs.

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