Workflow Recipe: Invitation to the Spruce App


Automated Workflow: Invitation to the Spruce app

You can use this Automated Workflow to efficiently transition your patients from sending you standard SMS text messages to using the secure Spruce app. With this Workflow, anytime a patient sends a standard text message to your practice phone number, they will receive an automated reply prompting them to download the Spruce app for secure messaging.

The message that is sent in this Workflow can be sent out based on Conditions. For example, you can set a Condition to only send the message if there have been no recent messages from the doctor. This would prevent the automated message from interrupting an active conversation. 

You can also set a Condition to limit the frequency at which the message is sent. For example, you could have the message sent only once per day. This way, if a patient is actively messaging your practice about an issue, they will only receive the automated text one time. 

You can compose the message you wish to be sent and personalize it using your Spruce Link. This will allow patients to easily create a Spruce account as your patient. If you do not have a Spruce Link, please contact the Spruce Support Team.

Workflow Recipe

Each Automated Workflow contains three parts, the WHEN (Trigger), the IF (Conditions), and the THEN (Action). Triggers and Actions are required, but Conditions are optional. 

Here is the  Recipe for this invitation to the Spruce app Workflow

WHEN (TRIGGER) When a patient contacts the practice via SMS;
IF (CONDITIONS) If there is no active conversation in progress, indicated by the fact that no provider has messaged the patient within the last 3 hours
THEN (ACTION) Then post a message to the conversation.
  • Select the sender for the message (from: SpruceTutorials)
  • Write the message text ("SMS messages like these are not fully secure modes of communication. If you would like to discuss your health information over a secure channel, please select this link to connect on the Spruce app so you can message out practice securely:")

Visual examples

With this Workflow, when a patient sends an SMS they will receive the message you composed. Here is an illustration of what the patient will see and what you will see as a provider on the Spruce app. 

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