Bulk Messaging

Want to make an announcement to your patients without having to individually message each one? Use Bulk Messaging to send an identical message to up to 500 patients at once.

Please note, Bulk Messaging can only be done from the web, not from the Spruce mobile app.

How to Send a Bulk Message

  1. From your Spruce home page, find the conversations you want to include in the bulk message. We recommend using search to get all relevant conversations displayed on the page at the same time. For details on searching your inbox, see this article
  2. Select the checkbox next to all conversations you want to include. If you want to include all conversations shown on the page, click the select-all checkbox in the top right of the inbox, next to the "Actions" button.
  3. With all relevant conversations checked, click the “Actions” button and select “Send Message” from the menu options.
  4. Write your message and press “Send”. Your message will go immediately to the patients associated with all selected conversations. 

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