Bulk Messaging


Introduction to bulk messaging

Want to make an announcement to your patients without having to individually message each one? Use bulk messaging to send an identical message to up to 500 patients at once.

Unlike sending a single message, sending a bulk message will not cause each conversation to appear unread in the inbox. If the included conversations were previously in the archived state, they will remain archived even after the bulk message is sent. If the conversations were previously marked as read, they will remain marked as read after the bulk message is sent. 

Please note, bulk messaging can only be done from the web, not from the Spruce mobile app.

Sending a bulk message

Before sending a bulk message, you'll need to define your group of up to 500 recipients. This works best if you already use tags to segment and label your patient conversations. For example, if you tag conversations by provider, you might search by tag:DrBrown to send a bulk message to all of Dr. Brown's patients. For details on searching your inbox, please see our search article

Use the search bar to bring up all conversations you wish to bulk message.
Select the conversations you wish to message. To select only certain conversations, check the checkbox to the far right of each row. To select all conversations displayed on the page, select the checkbox at the top right of the page.
Select Actions, then from the drop-down menu select Send Message.
Compose your message, then select Send Message.

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