Spruce Buttons


Introduction to Spruce Buttons

Spruce Buttons are structured options that can be included in secure and SMS messages to patients when using Spruce Workflow Automation. Buttons allow you to build custom series of Automated Workflows where each Button that a patient selects initiates a subsequent Workflow.

Spruce Buttons are designed to work similarly to a phone tree; for example, instead of selecting option 1 for appointments, there is a Button labeled [Appointments] included in a secure or SMS message. Patients can easily select from the Buttons you offer to voice their needs, and any associated Workflows provide timely, relevant information in response.

Benefits of Spruce Buttons

Enable providers to easily capture patient intent 
Provide clear calls-to-action in secure messages
Give patients structured options, like a phone tree, in secure and SMS messages
Enable providers to design sequential Automated Workflows based on patient input

Use cases

Our Workflow Automation section includes Recipes for Workflows that take advantage of all that Spruce Buttons have to offer. You can also design your own ways to use Spruce Buttons in Workflows. Here are two quick examples of Spruce Buttons in practice:

Welcome to Spruce

Include Buttons in an automated welcome message that gets sent once a patient downloads the Spruce app and creates an account. This gives patients structured options for what to do next once they are in the app.

Patient Assignment

Include Buttons in an automated message that prompts patients to select which doctor they want to speak with. When they make a selection, the conversation automatically gets assigned to that doctor. 

How to start using Spruce Buttons

Spruce Buttons are just one part of Workflow Automation. If you have designed an Automated Workflow using Buttons that you'd like to implement, please message Spruce Support from the Spruce app, or send an email to support@sprucehealth.com, and we will be happy to help.

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